Target Circle Week Jul 9 – 15, 2023

This is the circle week which is one of the exciting news about July. Amazon Prime Day is coming and Target has a competitive deal for this week that will also include. the Prime Days. The Circle Week is the biggest deal of the season. A big part of the Target Circle Week Jul 9 – 15 sale is about grocery products. Buy cereals, coffee, frozen food, nuts, Good & Gather products, and more at 20% cheaper prices. Target sells soda packs and drinks. Low prices for household supplies with a free gift card deal are highlighted deals. Get a free $15 Gift Card when you spend $50 on some household items on pg 7.

Target Circle Week Jul 9 - 15, 2023

School Sale – Target Circle Week Jul 9 – 15

Low prices for school supplies. They start at $.25. Notebooks, Crayola markers, colored pencils, tank tops, colored pencils, and more products for daily school life.

Home Products – Target Weekly Ad Jul 9 – 15

Target Circle Week also has home appliances. Buy a modern stick vacuum for a good price this week. Fitness watch, laptops, video games, books, electric scooters, and more have been included in this ad.

There are more deals in Target Ad. Browse more of them and check out Amazon Prime Day to compare. Walmart and Best Buy will have also similar deals this month.

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