Target Easter Treats Apr 5 – 11, 2020 | Weekly Ad

Target Easter Treats Apr 5 - 11, 2020Target recently stopped printed ads. Instead of the print ads, you will receive only digital ads which is way better than printed ads in my opinion. Some folks might like the print ads, however, while this self-isolation continues, we’ll need to stick with the plan. Next week you can save on Easter candies, top brands, Kinder joy, Hot Wheels toys, and many more things related to Target Easter sale with BOGOs. Target Weekly Ad Easter products are Easter basket, candies, toys, electronics, eggs, and more on pg 3-5. Subscribe to the newsletter or follow our social accounts to get more deals like Target Easter Treats Apr 5 – 11.

But the Target Easter Treats are not the only things to find on the Target Ad Easter sale. Top Easter toys in Easter baskets, exclusive toys, top brands, and two new coupons are available in the Target Weekly Ad. You can save $10 or $25 off with the coupons you can use through the Target app. Visit pg 6-7 for the details of the toy sale. You can also find NBA ball, Wilson NFL ball, and more products on pg 8. Infant toys, plush products, and Easter daily deals of a 25% off discount with Target Circle. Everything fun is in this ad.

Browse the new DVD movies including Oscar Nominee Little Women and 1917. You can also find Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker, Bombshell, Cats, and Dolittle. I would expect some of these movies in DVD a bit later. Recently, all of these movies were in theatres, however, all theatres are closed now. I hope they will come back soon. Items from Target Easter Treats Apr 5 – 11:

One thought on “Target Easter Treats Apr 5 – 11, 2020 | Weekly Ad”

  1. Mirta Bates says:

    What happened to personal hygiene, beauty and household products? Not part of the weekly ad. Disappointed.

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