Target Free Gift Cards

You don’t have to wait for your birthday or Christmas to get a free Target gift card! There are a number of ways to get gift cards absolutely free from Target. Most of these methods involve making a purchase, but there are also some contests and promotional opportunities that allow you to grab a gift card with no money down whatsoever. Since Target sells nearly everything you need for everyday life, it’s almost as good as getting free cash!

Let’s take a look at the different ways you can obtain free gift cards for use at Target stores.Target Free Gift Card

  Free Target Gift Cards With A Purchase

Certain in-store and online purchases through Target’s website will net you a free gift card. Target rotates these offers roughly once every month, and you can see the current offers at their “Current Promotions” page.

Most of these purchases involve buying two to four of a specific item in order to get a gift card ranging from $5 to $15 in value. You’ll see this type of offer frequently for items in the Beauty, Grocery, Health, Household Essentials and Pets categories.

Purchases of a single higher-dollar item in the Baby & Kids section can also net you a gift card of anywhere from $10 to $50, depending on current promotions.

Newer models of high-dollar smartphones also often come with a large gift card as an enticement to purchase a phone with an installment billing plan. Recent offers include a $100 gift card for purchase of various Samsung Galaxy phones, $200 for select HTC One phones, $250 for the iPhone 6 and $300 for the iPhone 6 Plus. These gift cards represent a serious savings on the cost of the phone!

The real trick to these offers is to split your shopping into multiple purchases at the register. The first purchase gets you a gift card, which you then apply to the second purchase, and so on and so on up to the per-customer purchase limit that Target lists for each sale.

.   Online Rewards Sites

Certain rewards sites, such as Swagbucks, allow you to participate in online activities which earn points that can be cashed in for various types of gift cards. Target frequently makes their cards available on sites of this nature.

The actual activities that you do to earn points vary from site to site. Very frequently they give points for doing market research surveys, watching advertising videos, playing games and using the site as a portal to shop at various e-commerce sites.

.   Cash-Back Shopping Sites

From time to time, certain cash-back shopping sites will offer a free Target gift card either as a reward for opening a new account or as a reward for making a certain amount of purchases. Ebates is a popular site that has been known to do this periodically. If the card is given as a sign-up bonus, generally you will have to make a purchase in an amount that exceeds the value of the gift card. If you had planned to make such a purchase anyway, however, you can often get a $10 gift card tacked on as a nice bonus!