Target Holiday Electronic Sale | Weekly Ad Deals Dec 15 – 21, 2019

Target Holiday Electronic Sale | Weekly Ad Deals Dec 15 - 21, 2019The latest 4K TV deals by Target Ad are viewable on this weekly ad. Top brands including LG, TCL, element TVs, and the new deals may guide you to the best prices and the savings this week. Target offers hundreds of dollars of discounts. TCL 65″ 4K will be $300 cheaper this week. The price of the TV will be $449.99 until Dec 21 according to the Target Weekly Ad Dec 15 – 21. Shop TV accessories and Amazon devices on pg 4-5. Some deals are really great. For example, you can save $50 on Acer 15″ Chromebook. Next year, apparently both console brands will publish new devices. Xbox Series X has been announced and the design of Playstation 5 images is on the internet although I am not entirely sure about Playstation. Sony already said that they won’t release anything before May 2020. Target Holiday Electronic Sale seems like one of the main sources to save on holiday gifts this week.


But before these new consoles, if you want to keep nice games and your PS4 or Xbox One S consoles, buy them while the deals are around. After they release the new consoles, soon the production of the old ones will probably stop. Game studios will be only making games for the new consoles. 4K TVs are perfect for playing games on PS4 and Xbox One, too. Although they are laggier than the gaming monitors, they render a perfect image.

TVs and game deals:

Earbuds and Headsets

Most people now buy only wireless headphones. I also have one called Sennheiser Cx 6.00 bt which has crystal clear sound but it has ignorable issues with connection. If you want to get rid of cables now check out wireless headsets on pg 6. The issue with these wireless earbuds and headsets is the battery. Most can last only 30 hours. For example, my earbuds can last 6 hours tops. If you have enough battery problems with your phone and laptop or other stuff, these just might not be for you. Otherwise, check out the prices. Maybe something seems interesting to you.

iPhone 11 $150 Gift Card Deal and Google Pixel 4 $200 Gift Card

The best thing about buying a smartphone at Target is the free gift cards. Mostly, they offer free gift cards for your activation and purchase of iPhones. The deal is also valid for Google Pixel 4. Another great deal is a free $300 gift card for Samsung Galaxy S10.

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