Target iPhone 11 is Available Sep 20, 2019

Apple Watch Series 5, iPhone 11 and iPad 10.2″ are available items of Target Ad Sep 15 – 21, 2019. Pre-order Apple Watch Series 5 today. You can buy it online for $429.99. Three different colors and two different sizes are the options. Target iPhone 11 prices will vary upon size and color. Midnight green, gold, silver, and space gray versions of this Apple’s new product will be possible to find in Target stores.

Target iPhone 11 is Available Sep 20 2019

iPhone 11 Camera

The most noticeable difference between this iPhone and the previous ones is the camera. Ultra wide-angle lens will give you the chance to capture landscape photos with more elements of your view in it. I would not recommend you to take selfies with wide-angle lenses. You will look ugly because of the distortion. Also, that distorted parts of the image will ruin the edges of your photo. However, if the subject is far away, that will look good on your photo. Telephoto lenses are for fairly distanced objects. If you have a telephoto lens on your DSLR camera you are more likely to shoot something at least 15m away. For example, a 135mm prime lens can be called a telephoto lens in DSLR culture. A wide-angle lens would be below 50mm which is accepted as the closest to the eye vision of human. This is valid regarding the full-frame cameras. There will be three different lenses on iPhone 11. The other is a basic wide-angle lens which is the lens of many smartphones today. Some people mount macro lenses on an iPhone to capture very small objects like bees. Creative activities are possibly be done with such capacity of a phone. It’ll be a 12 MP camera.

The Processor and Performance of iPhone 11

There will be two different iPhones 11s. One of them is called Pro. When you hear the pro you should understand it’s better than the regular. iPhone 11 will have A13 Bionic processor and it’s supposed to be quicker than iPhone Xs. The difference is expected to be 20% between new and old iPhones. Obviously, the battery will last longer.

Display and Screen

This a really down side of the new iPhone for me. iPhone 11 will have 1792×828 326 ppi screen which can be accepted inferior to iPhone XS’ 5.8″ OLED panel. Considering just that feature, I would always prefer iPhone XS. iPhone 11 Pro may have better specs and features.

The price of Apple’s new iPhone is expected to be starting at $699. Target iPhone 11 Pro is coming soon. Share your opinion on this new iPhone with us. Subscribe to Target Weekly Ad to get more deals and reviews like these for free.

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