Tips On How To Apply Illuminators

Here are tips on how to apply illuminators with Avon Campaign 15 2020! After contouring makeup, we shared with you the rules that will reduce your mistakes share for the most effective makeup trend strobing. Apply your illuminator correctly and light up your skin!

The Right Tone;

Lighteners are not suitable for all skin tones. You should definitely make sure that you use an illuminator that will easily adapt to it, rather than an illuminator that does not fit your skin tone. If you have dark skin or a medium-dark skin, you should choose a tone from the range from bronze to peach tones. Even if you are pale-skinned, translucent pearl shades will be a suitable choice for you. You can find many illuminators on Avon Catalog 15 2020 for every skin tone!


Are you using a cream illuminator? Then you need to use your fingers to make your skin tone look even. First gently warm it at your fingertips and gently apply it to the areas you want to illuminate. Never use liquid illuminators on the powder foundation. This will make your foundation look unstable. In this case, you should either choose a powder-based illuminator or switch to a liquid foundation.

Apply to the Right Places

Illuminators that you have not applied to the right place can make your face appear wider than it is. So avoid applying it over the entire face and apply the illuminator so that your cheekbones are prominent, revealing your lips and nose.


Using too many illuminators will make you look dull instead of adding a sparkle to you. If you don’t want a really dull skin look, remember the task of the illuminants: it should reflect the light well and make you look alive.

How much you need to apply the illuminator is also related to how much light your environment is in. You can apply the illuminator under dim and soft light for as long as you wish, while you should apply traces in sunlight. Therefore, it is useful to think about what kind of light you will be under while applying the illuminator.

So you saw Avon Brochure 15 2020 and tips on how to apply illuminators. For more Avon Products or deals, visit the main page! And follow us on Twitter and Youtube!