Top 10 Nail Polish Colors of Autumn

Discover the top 10 nail polish colors of Autumn with Avon Campaign 21 2020! In the new season, manicure colors are simple, mysterious, and highly sophisticated. Discover the trendiest nail polishes of autumn, from mystical floral tones to dusty and muted nudes.

Deep blue

Although black is among the indispensables of every season, those who want to try a different color but as wild as black should definitely try deep and characterful dark blue tones this season.

Winter flowers

Dark flower tones in purple, fuchsia, and damson range enliven your manicure with mystical, energetic, and mysterious colors.

Dark Nickel

The reign of metallic finishes on the nails continues with dark silver tones twinkling black and a more sophisticated aura.

Silent Nude

It’s time to shelve your caramel and peach nudes, which go well with tan skin. This season’s nude color is quite light, neutral, and muted.


Gray has been a staple in nails for the last few seasons. This natural shade is again among the favorites with its new undertone that winked with blue/khaki.

Terracotta Tones

From burnt sand colors to fired earth tones, the terracotta range is one of the season’s latest manicure favorites.

Luxury Red

The orange twinkling red of the summer season gets its true color in the new season and gives the nails a femme fatal, luxurious effect.

Oil Green

Watch out for this color that alternates between blue and green. With its playful and attractive effect, petrol green is one of the colors that are rapidly climbing the trend steps.

Vintage Pink

It’s a bit romantic, a little bit feminine, but never cliché. If you like joker tones on nails, vintage pink is among your new favorites.


For nails that have an eye-catching appearance with transparent sparkles, be sure to add light tones of champagne to your portfolio in autumn.

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