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Walgreens 10x Everyday Points Until Feb 15Spend $20 to get 10x everyday points in stores of Walgreens or online shop. Walgreens rewards can be really useful in saving on regular shopping needs and pharmacy products. As usual, we can see some good BOGO deals. One of them is the mix & match sale regarding the vitamins and supplements of brands like Ocuvite, Emergen-C, and neuriva. A healthy diet is certainly the correct way to get these vitamins, however, most people simply don’t have them enough in their daily nutrition. Therefore, most people may actually need some vitamins. Especially seniors and people who do a lot of exercises. Consuming too much energy also means draining the vitamins in your body. In short, anyone can use some supplements and vitamins and if you have an unbalanced diet, obsessed with only pizza and fast-food, not enough vegetables, consider buying some multi-vitamin pills. Learn about Walgreens 10x Everyday Points and other multiplicating purchases you may be interested on this page.

Walgreens vitamins, supplements, and BOGOs:

Rewards, coupons, and more BOGOs from the allergy relief section:

Get senior discount on Seniors Day. Save 30% off on Feb 4. $3 Register Rewards, Alka-Seltzer plus or Afrin, and more flu products are available on pg 14. Protect yourself from the sickness in winter. Take some precautions. Flu Fighter flu shots will cost nothing at Walgreens. Related products like Flonase, Claritin, Allegra, and also other wellness or personal care items can be found on pg 15. Save $10 with coupon on Claritin 24-hour allergy relief.

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