Walgreens Ad Gifts of The Week Dec 15 – 21, 2019

Walgreens Ad Gifts of The Week Dec 15 21 2019One of the big news of today is the next week’s Walgreens Ad and the gifts of the week which appears on the first page. Shop a relatively cheaper price range of gifts for Christmas next week at Walgreens. They offer wireless earbuds, bean machine, beauty gift sets on the first page but there are more in the content of the Walgreens weekly ad. Pay only $9.99 for iHip Bluetooth wireless sound pods. Walgreens Ad is also showing the new deal on free same-day pickup for floating frames. Save 60% off floating frames using the promo code of “FLOATGIFT”. On the same page, you have BOGO Free deals including toys which are probably the most popular and demanded items when it comes to Christmas gifting. If you want to support Santa’s gift sack, I might suggest buying your favorite toys from the stores of Walgreens, too. Although it’s not the greatest toy seller, they have a decent range.

Shop deals of the week. If you prefer to save with register rewards on your regular needs such as breakfast foods, you might save up to half on some products. Besides, you will get extra rewards. For example, Paper Products of Bounty is a purchase where you will earn $3 off Reg rewards.

Shop Walgreens Holiday gifts and treats next week (Dec 15 – 21):

Christmas treats, party snacks, etc:

Walgreens Ad offers snacks, beverage, pantry products, canned goods with some good prices. Today, you can browse all of them. Discover many more items and gifts in this Walgreens weekly ad and subscribe for free if you like to.

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