Walgreens Ad Pharmacy Oct 2 – 8 2016

$50 spent on the beauty products of Walgreens will earn you 5000 pts. this week. Walgreens Ad Pharmacy Oct 2 - 8 2016Household, pet food, general home products and chemical cleaners are available in this ad. Check out pg 2 to see new price drops on products like Palmolive dish liquid, patriot candles etc. This week paper products like Viva paper towels, Tide liquid laundry detergent are on sale. You can purchase Tide Laundry detergent of 48 loads for $9.99 with redeeming the online coupon !

Walgreens in-ad coupons on pg 3 are savings on conserved and pantry:

Domino or C&H sugar $2.19
Nice! 100% pure honey $4.99
Chicken of the sea chunk light tuna $0.69
Chicken of the sea pink salmon $1.99

BOGO Free deal of Haribo, Black Forest, Trolli or Welch’s gummies or fruit snacks can be seen on pg 4. 4pk Gatorade, 1-Gallon Arizona tea or drink, ice breakers, altoids, mentos now are highlighted sales.

Halloween spooky candies ! Check out pg 5 for Snickers, M&M’s, Novelty Halloween candy are some of them. Find Ferrero Rocher chocolates on pg 5 as well. You can earn 2000 pts with the purchase of $10 on Halloween products and decoration. Halloween masks, skulls, BOGO 50% off hanging decor and many more are featured in this ad.

See Walgreens photo deals like 20% off photo cards and gifts, enlargements and wood panels are available on pg 8. Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac batteries can be seen on sale. Duracell batteries of 16 pk. is priced at $10.99 !

Cold and Flu season medicines and Delsym cough suppressant are on sale on pg 9. Allergy relief products like Claritin, Flonase and Aleve, Bayer medicines are featured on pg 10.

Adult cold, cough or allergy relief $5.99
Theraflu severe cold&cough 2/$13 and bonus 3000 pts.
Children’s or Infants’ pain relief $4.99 – $1.99 with coupon

Claritin Allergy Relief BOGO 50% off
Flonase Allergy relief 60 sprays $13.99
Pain relief of Aleve and Bayer 100 – 200 ct. $8.99
Fluticasone Nasal spray $9.99
Allergy relief Walgreens $14.99

BOGO Free Vitamins and supplements:

Qunol Co Q10, Move Free or Schiff Glucosamine BOGO Free
Walgreens Vitamins and Supplements BOGO Free
Finest Nutrition Vitamins and supplements BOGO Free
BOGO 50% off One a day, Citracal or Flinstones

Browse beauty products from pg 15 to pg 19.

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