Walgreens Ad Pharmacy Sale May 6 – 12, 2018


Walgreens Ad Pharmacy Sale May 6 12 2018Pharmacy sale of the latest Walgreens Ad is full of BOGO Free deals and rewards. I think it’s a chance not to be missed out by anyone. However, there are plenty of items and there might be a categorization needed. First of all, we all know how frequent we see vitamins and mineral pills that can be under the category of daily medicines. Walgreens Weekly Ads love to offer new deals on these products. Also, today you may browse the special BOGO Free items like these ones:

Moreover, the reward program of Walgreens can be a helpful deal. Support your budget with the bonus points and increase the amount of money you spare for more shopping. Or keep that money for yourself. Why not spend all of it? Therefore, I would like to suggest that $5 reward for the purchases of products such as Claritin allergy relievers and Zyrtec dissolve tabs is a wise way to shop this week. Remember that this is currently a preview but the deals will be valid on Sunday.

Nature’s Truth Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements $4 OFF – or $5 off with card and $1 off coupon pg 14
One A Day Gummy Vitamins $9.99

Earn $5 reward and check out the coupon savings:

I know the annoying feeling when you get cold. Most people choose not to use any additional medical support. However, I learnt that if you use a medicine that has no much of side effects it will be a relief much sooner than the time your body cures itself. Take a look at the products such as cold relief, Tylenol and more on pg 17-18.

In fact, more products are available but these are notable ones in my opinion. Also, check CVS Pharmacy Sale which contains some good products.

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