Walgreens Ad Sale Apr 12 – 18, 2020 | Coupons, BOGOs, Rewards

Walgreens Ad Sale Apr 12 - 18, 2020The latest COVID-19 update of Walgreens Ad is about three important services to get through the pandemic. Drive-thru shopping, delivery via postmates, Free Rx Delivery. The first page of the new Walgreens weekly ad covers these. Check out the top deals of the week on the first pages of the ad. New prices of snacks, Scott toilet paper, and paper towels, Blue Diamond almonds, and household products appear on pg 2. In the beauty section, you will find a buy 2 get 3rd free deal on hair care products. Don’t miss out these hair care “mix & match” sale for you won’t be seeing your hairdresser for a while. Maybelline New York cosmetics will be BOGO 50% off. And more deals like these appear on Walgreens Ad Sale Apr 12 – 18:

Online coupons and savings

$5 reward wy spend $20 or more: 

Deals of the week:

More deals on the same section:

Three different and important deals are being promoted on walgreens.com right now. Check out hair care sale; Buy 2 Get 1 free, BOGO 50% off No7 cosmetics, and 20% off all contacts. Browse all these products on the links given. Subscribe to the latest ads and get deals like Walgreens Ad Sale Apr 12 – 18 products. In this ad, you can also find snacks, Red Nose Day participating items, mealtime favorites, clothing, home products, beauty products, personal hygiene, vitamins, allergy medication, and more.

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