Walgreens Christmas Gifts Weekly Ad Deals December 2019

Walgreens Christmas Gifts Weekly Ad Deals December 2019Let’s inspect the last two Walgreens Weekly Ads in order to seek some Christmas gifts today. Currently, we are able to browse Walgreens ads of Dec 15 – 21 and Dec 22 – 28. Obviously, you can’t shop both of them at the moment but you can make a shopping list and keep that in mind to shop what you want. The deals of this week’s ad is as good as next week’s. Because they have a nice Walgreens Christmas gift sale on that ad. Similarly, next week’s ad contains Christmas gifts including toys and gift cards. But this week’s ad is better. I think the reason for that is that you still have more time compared to the next ad.

Dec 22 – 28 ad, which happens to be valid starting on Sunday, has gift cards and you can get up to $200 Walgreens gift cards when you switch to Sprint. That’s an interesting deal appearing on pg 8. But more like these are available on Walgreens Christmas gifts sale from these ads:

In addition to that, Walgreens photo gifts can possibly be fun. Usually, they have great deals on photo products like frames and prints. And, when we look at the weekly ad of Dec 15 – 21, we can see even better deals. They are valid right now. You can shop right away. Star Wars and Nerf deals seem to be what is difference from the regular ads of the store. Walgreens also has two sections called “Under $10 gifts” and “Under $20 gifts”.

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