Walgreens Grocery Sale Jun 28 – Jul 4, 2020

Walgreens ad offers plenty of deals on grocery items including breakfast food.Walgreens Grocery Sale Jun 28 - Jul 4, 2020 They always come up with healthy foods like oat. Quaker oats, granola, or cereal are $3.49 with the card at Walgreens stores next week. See the details on pg 5. Yogurt is also one of the nice breakfast foods. Get your probiotics not from the pills only but from the yogurt. I recommend Greek yogurt which is less in sugar but if you like fruit flavors, Chobani has peach and more fruit-flavored yogurts. Buy Chobani Greek yogurt for only 2/$2. Shop coffee, dried fruit, and more products on the same page. No one would claim that freshly baked pizza can be replaced with frozen ones, however, not everybody is able to afford it. Frozen pizza is a good thing to have at a supermarket. Besides, some of them are really good. Buy Nice! premium thin crust pizza 12″ and get $3 register rewards. The product is $3.99. Make your shopping list minding the prices from Walgreens Grocery Sale Jun 28  – Jul 4 preview.

Boredom fighter snacks, chocolate blocks, pretzels, cookies, and breakfast alternatives are also available in the Walgreens grocery sale Jun 28 – Jul 4. You can explore these products on pg 6-7. You have a very nice list of beverages, too. Red Bull energy drink, Dr Pepper, Gatorade, and similar refreshment of the summer maybe purchase at lower costs, too. Walgreens summer sale is available on pg 8-9. Buy sunglasses, sandals, slip ons, ground beef, and many more summer specials.

Breakfast food:

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