Walgreens Summer Sale May 24 – 30, 2020

Walgreens Summer Sale May 24 30 2020Although it’s a good choice to shop healthy foods as snacks sometimes they don’t taste as good. If that’s the case when you buy some healthy stuff to eat, try good old snacks that are the classic items of the Walgreens Ad. Jack Link’s jerky is a very healthy snack. Compared to the regular snacks that are very sugary, this is way better. Also, it tastes really nice that can be good with some tea or coffee. Buy Kettle products, Trident, Mentos, 7UP, and more deals on pg 8. Walgreens weekly ad is a great place to find these products at lower costs.

Some snacks and beverage products are Red Nose Day supporters. That means you’ll be contributing to a charity when you buy these products. One of them is Monster or Reign Energy drink 11-16 oz. that will cost only $5.99. Walgreens grocery sale May 24 – 30 prices are in this ad but it also contains summer products like sunglasses and dresses. You can buy flip-flops, grilling ideas, and more products. Wphoto deals are also a part of the ad. Check out new products of pharmacy and other health care deals, too. Walgreens Summer Sale May 24 – 30, 2020 including household products:

More products of this ad:

Shop hair care products, King C Gillette, suncare products BOGO 50% off deal, pharmacy deals, more products on the ad. If you want to see similar deals in the future, subscribe to the newsletter.

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