Walgreens Valentine’s Day Gifts Jan 26 – Feb 1, 2020

Walgreens Valentine's Day Gifts Jan 26 - Feb 1, 2020Browse Walgreens Valentine’s Day Gifts Jan 26 – Feb 1, 2020 on pg 7 where you can find a lot of plush toys and chocolate gift boxes. I am not sure why they insist on real cliché and boring stuff but they still publish ads with such gifts. I really can’t understand the fuss about Valentine’s Day. Nobody talks about it anyway. At least on this page. I think even Walgreens thinks that way because they only have a single page with some Hallmark stuff and a couple of plush toys. If you still want to buy these annoying and ugly toys, you are lucky because the are on sale. I don’t recommend you pay full price for those. Walgreens Valentine accessories, plush dolls for your lover to hug and sleep, and some notebooks. As boring as it gets, here are the Walgreens Valentine’s Day gifts:

However, some useful stuff can be good for you. Go to the next page for more gifts. Some of the are still lame but I liked children’s toys or sports equipment. This Walgreens Ad has household supplies, too.

Some cool deals for not to bore you:

Use the Walgreens weekly ad Jan 26 – Feb 1 for beauty products, cosmetics, makeup, register rewards, BOGO 50% off deals, and many more. Go to pg 10-11 where you can find Maybelline and Covergirl products. At least they are what you really need for special days.

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