Walgreens Weekly Ad Aug 7 - 13 2016

Walgreens Weekly Ad Aug 7 - 13 2016 with in-ad deals, coupons and extraordinary pharmacy deals supported with the BOGO savings is live at the moment. One week period of the Walgreens pharmacy will be effective in the name of shopping for less. Savings are astonishing and this ad is very practical element if you like to shop for such great products.Walgreens Weekly Ad Aug 7 - 13 2016

From pg 9 you can browse Walgreens Ad Pharmacy deals. BOGO 50% off of Walgreens Pharmacy, multivitamin packs, supplements and more are on pg 9:

Alive! Vitamins and supplements BOGO 50% off
Centrum Multivitamins and supplements $9.99
L'il Critters Gummy vitamins and supplements $9.99
Vitafusion Gummy vitamins and supplements $9.99

BOGO 50% off One A Day multivitamins and supplements
Walgreens Multivitamins BOGO Free
Flinstones Vitamins and supplements 50% off
One A Day Multivitamins -$1.00 off Coupon Final Cost $7.99

More vitamins, supplements and more BOGO deals are featured on pg 10. After you browse these pages you can save at the maximum value on pharmacy.

Finest! Nutrition Vitamins and supplements BOGO Free
Airbone or Digestive advantage vitamins or supplements BOGO 50% Off
Caltrate Vitamins and supplements $9.99 - $1off
Mega Red vitamins and supplements 30 - 60 ct. - $5 off coupon- Final Cost: $19.99

BOGO Free Nature's Bounty, Ester-C, Osteo Bi-Flex vitamins and supplements
Nature's Bounty Gummies Vitamins and Supplements 60 ct. BOGO Free $1 coupon saving
Osteo Bi-Flex Joint health supplements BOGO Free
Osteo Bi-Flex ease Joint Health supplement 26ct. $8.99
Nature's Bounty Probiotics or multivitamins BOGO Free

Hair color, daily care products and essential daily pharmacy products are available on pg 12. Check out fish oil, Chewable Vitamin C, digestive probiotics and many more. You may continue savings with these pharmacy range on pg 12-13.

Nature Made Vitamins and supplements BOGO Free
Nature Made adult gummies 1000 pts. = $1 reward
Nature Made Digestive Probiotics 60 ct. $14.99
Health supplements BOGO 50% off
Natrol Vitamins and supplements BOGO 50% off

First Aid BOGO 50% off $3 reward
Curad or Nexcare First Aid 50% off
Ace or Mueller support products BOGO 50% off
Nutritional Drinks 2/$11
Body Fortress Health supplements $18.99
Weight Management supplements $19.99
Smoking Cessation $39.99

Allergy relief products can be purchased on pg 14. BOGO deals and great discounts including in-ad coupons on pg 14. Medicare Part D will enable you to get lower priced pharmacy products. Visit pg 15 for more details. Feminine care and razors on pg 16. Foot care and shaving needs are also featured on pg 16.

Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry electronic foot file $59.99
Opti-Free or clear care eye care 2 pk $16.99
Opti-Free rewetting drops $6.99
Kotex or U By Kotex Feminine care 2/$12

Huggies Diapers BOGO 50% off
Similac, Gerber or Enfamil infant formula $26.99

You can earn $2 rewards and $5 rewards with Feminine care products like pregnancy test, ovulation test etc. You may also see infant formula deals on this page.

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