Walgreens Weekly Ad Snack Nov 11 – 17, 2018

Walgreens Weekly Ad Snack Nov 11 17 2018BOGO 50% off gifts for holidays on Walgreens Weekly Ad Preview. Ferrero Rocher, Contigo stainless steel travel mug, Maybelline Mini Mascara Kit, and more gifts are gifts of the week with BOGO 50% off. Deals of the week are online coupon savings on General Mills Cereal, L’Oreal hair color, Vicks DayQuil and NyQuil and much more will be important items in this ad. When it comes to snack sale, the first part of all Walgreens Weekly Ads is a good source to find awesome savings. Holiday Treats; Royal Dansk or Original Gourmet cookies tin, Pirouline Chocolate Tin will cost $6 for 2.
Canned food products of Progresso soup, Campbell’s soup, and more practical meals that are nice to have when you lack time for cooking.

Find sweets, Nutella, and ingredients to make desserts on pg 4:

The hesitation when buying ready meals is understandable. Mostly, we doubt the food is really tasty enough compared to the restaurants and health is also an important issue. But I think the same risk is also valid when you eat outside. In fact, unless you grow your food in your own farm knowing what kind of seeds or things you used growing it, it’s always the same risk. Of course, you have the maximum control over the food you cook with the ingredients you bought from the market. However, these ready meals are perhaps the second choice after cooking for the best taste.

Candies are probably the best part all like about these ads. New deals on candies like M&M’s, Werther’s original, Welch’s, Haribo, Nestle Crunch and more can be found on pg 7.