Walgreens Weekly Ad Jan 3 - 9, 2021

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It's a brand new look in the new Walgreens Ad with a new product range participating in the BOGO free sale and coupon savings. Utilize all the tools that Walgreens Weekly Ad Jan 3 - 9 has to offer so as to max out your savings and improve your weekly saving skills, this time particularly for mostly nonprescription medicines and supplements such as vitamins. There is a big sale appearing on the first page of the new ad. BOGO 50% off vitamins and supplements including brands like Airborne. You have Centrum, Nature Made, Osteo Bi-Flex deals on the same part of the sale. Have a look at this week's highlighted deals:

Deals of the week:

Find some grocery and snack products featured with online coupons and lower prices of the week by Walgreens Weekly Ad Dec Jan 3 - 9. In the section of personal care regarding the first part of the ad, you have also some personal care items that are possible to be purchased using some coupons. Some of them are BOGO 50% off.

Protection against Covid-19 are on sale at Walgreens. Buy hand sanitizer, contactless thermometer, and more products on pg 4 as well.

Walgreens Weekly Ad Jan 3 - 9

Walgreens Health and Wellness Products - $165 Coupon Savings This Week

Save with using the modern apps and digital coupons offered by Walgreens and other brands. A lot of coupon and BOGO deals are available for the vitamins. For example, you can save $10 off Osteo Bi-Flex, Nature Made, and more brand products on pg 6.

Get $3 Reg. Rewards from these products wyb 2:

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Walgreens Cough, Cold, Flu Products

Browse the quick relief products that you can use to remove the symptoms of the simple flu in winter. Cold, flu, and cough products are featured deals of the new Walgreens Ad, too. BOGO deals, online coupons, and rewards are again promoted deals here.

Walgreens Weekly Ad Jan 3 - 9, 2020

Walgreens Allergy Relief Deals

The most preferred brands of allergy relievers are available at Walgreens pharmacy stores. Browse the ad for the latest deals and online coupons. Quite a few coupons are being advertised in the range. Buy Claritin with a coupon of $2 and $3 off. That's a total of $5 saving.

Walgreens Ad Digestive Care Products and more

Find laxatives and other digestive care products that are available with the BOGOs and new coupons on this section. As you go further, you also can save on the pain relievers. Visit pg 11-12 for the details of some products.

As many of other similar retailers, Walgreens Weekly Ad Jan 3 - 9, 2021 begins the new year with great deals and coupons.