Walgreens Weekly Ad Oct 11 - 17, 2020

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Meet your mystery deal on walgreens.com. They have a new deal in paperless coupons. If you become a member, you can get 10% off your $35 purchase using the code of "OCT10" at Wags. Save up to 50% off Halloween candies this week. Another great deal of the week is 30% off prescription glasses. Ways to save at Walgreens stores may be creative because they don't only offer plain in-store discounts. You have the rewards, coupons, in-ad savings, combinations of different deals, and multiple-buy deals all the time. To keep track of these things, I recommend the one and powerful source; Walgreens weekly ad Oct 11 - 17 for the week we are in. Walgreens Ad offers paperless coupons and 10 points storewide.

Have a look at some of the important deals of Walgreens Ad here:

Halloween candies:

View the new BOGO deals on some vitamins. If you regularly consume some supplements and vitamins, the Wags is one of the best places to buy them. Visit pg 2 for Halloween candies. Halloween candies are Reese's, Starburst, and many more popular brands.

If you use supplements, you can find the vitamin sale pretty interesting, too:

Protection against Covid-19 and other virus-based illness:

Walgreens Snack and Grocery Sale

Halloween is coming. We are in the Spooktober where kids and families are much fond of candies and other sweet things. And the spooky things for sure. In the grocery range, you have Folgers coffee, Doritos Chips, Lay's chips, and more items, too

Subscribe to receive more deals like Walgreens Weekly Ad Oct 11 - 17. They have always something new and a good deal. For more Walgreens Halloween deals, expect more posts and ads.

Walgreens Pharmacy Sale Oct 11 - 17, 2020

Save with the new photo deals, makeup or beauty products, and the pharmacy sale of Walgreens Ad Oct 11 - 17. Products of the No7, Olay, and more brands will be on sale in the new week. Plenty of them is BOGO deals. And coupons are also available for extra savings. Buy Olay facial skincare products and save $1 with coupon. Also, they are BOGO 50% off. You will get a $15 mail-in rebate online when you spend $50. More beauty deals are in the ad.

View the deals on personal care items. Classic products for dental and daily self-care. Medicines of daily life, regular products, sleeping pills. Most of them are on sale. And if you see the item on this Walgreens Ad Oct 11 - 17, it's most probably on sale. Get free flu shots at Walgreens. Save on allergy relief, cough, and cold products.

Caregiver support products are also on sale at Walgreens. See the final page for some coupons, supplements, contact lens deals, and more.