Walmart College Clothing Sale Aug 2023

Go to to see new deals on clothing for college. If you are a student in another town for college or university, don’t spend too much on clothes or shoes. has online prices for great products. They also have beauty, jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, and more stuff you can buy at affordable prices. Become a W+ Student Member until 9/7/23 to get 50% off. Go to for great deals you can find for school days.

Walmart College Clothing Sale Aug 2023

Walmart Dresses, jeans, and other adult young clothing deals in August from Walmart College Clothing Sale Aug 2023. This deal has been featured on the front page of at the moment.

Walmart Adult Young Clothing Deals

Ava Chain Pool Slide – $19 – $28

Ava Chain Pool Slide



Walmart Handbags


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