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Walmart Ad is regularly updated here. Browse various products and the latest deals via this ad. You may also see the Walmart preview ads when the scans are available. But you can find more than Walmart flyer on the official shop of the retailer. In November, you can also see Walmart Black Friday Ad on this page.

In this category, you are gonna find the latest news about Walmart stores, Walmart product reviews, product prices, and more. Walmart is offering mostly electronic products and also grocery and household needs. You can follow the latest product prices and analyses of market prices in this category. This Ad is published weekly so every week you’re gonna find different items and special offers. Don’t miss to follow our site every week for the latest Walmart sale.

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Moreover, you can read about Walmart Simple Meals in this category. These simple meals will make your life easier. Take a look at the dinner recipes&simple meals to read the posts. You can use the affiliate links to shop the items of Walmart weekly circular and other sales.

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Walmart Ad Apr 28 - Jun 1, 2021

Walmart points out the time to grill some prime quality beef and they prepared enough deals for anyone to save. Awesome products for the grilling time of Spring are available in the Walmart weekly ad. Buy hamburger buns, fire up the grill, and grill some steak or burgers. Sweet Spring fruits are also available in this part of the Walmart weekly ad Apr 28 - Jun 1. Shop safely with the curbside pickup service. Really low prices are available in this section of the weekly ad. Mix & Match salad kits, chicken wings, Bob Evans sides, and more on pg 5. Walmart's grocery shelves are the place to find some simple meals, quick and tasty solutions for busy days.

Grilling meat, NY Strip Steak, Johnsonville original brats, and more pg 1-2  Fresh fruits, watermelon, cucumbers, spinach, and more pg 3  Bakery products, cake, dinner rolls, muffins, croissants, and more pg 4  Sweet nutrition: Ocean Spray grape juice, waffle mix, smoothies, and more pg 5  Lunch food, hot dogs, canned goods and all you need to make a sandwich pg 6  Simple meals for kids, Kid Cuisine chicken nuggets frozen meal pg 9 

Snacks & Soda

Walmart Ad Apr 28 - Jun 1, 2021 offers pistachios and t... Read More...


Walmart Ad Apr 5 - 27, 2021

A new sale from Walmart grocery shelves. A lot of items are being shown on this ad to be advertised and their prices are available in stores. That includes meat and chicken, too. Go to pg 4 for in-ad deals on bakery products. I believe after Easter, there should be some raw materials left for Walmart bakery and they will make awesome stuff for all customers. Freshness 8" cake is only $12.98 this week. 1 item = 1 meal at Walmart simple meals section. Check out the prices of packaged foods that were already advertised in the previous ad. Now, Walmart Ad Apr 5 - 27, 2021 has even more products and deals on the snack section.

Angie's BOOM CHICKA POP Kettle Corn $2.78 pg 7 Kellogg's Original Rice Krispies Treats $8.98 Cheetos Crunch Pop Snack Mix $3.28 NEW! Pillsbury Soft Baked Cookies $2.98 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers $6.68

Walmart Ad Apr 5 - 27, 2021, Breakfast, Dinner, Ready Meals

Browse the new price tags of the ready foods from Walmart Ad. They are awesome solutions for busy evenings. You can buy Michelina's meals 8 oz. packs for only $.88. Fettucine Alfredo is one of them. Ice cream, breakfast bars, Nutella, and more are also available in this category of... Read More...

Walmart Weekly Ad Mar 31 - Apr 4, 2021

Shop Easter toys and decoration products on Walmart Ad. There is also a Spring sale on the ad. From fish to high-quality fresh produce, there is a wide range. Walmart weekly ad Mar 31 - Apr 4, 2021, promotes new prices of candies like Reese's, Marshmallow chicks on pg 3. Try new recipes with prime quality beef, salmon cuts, and more fresh products from Walmart's product range. They have bakery products in the spotlight, too. Shop muffins, dinner rolls, cake, and more items on pg 6. You can also find French bread in the same category. Try new baked products that may be a good choice for Easter brunch.

Way to Celebrate Sidewalk Chalk Eggs $2.98 pg 2 Extra Large Bunny Plush $30 Way to Celebrate Peep Plush $14.98 Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs $3.98 pg 3 Reese's Pieces Candy-Filled Carrot $1

Walmart 1 Item Simple Meals

Check out 1 item = 1 meal range of Walmart weekly ad Mar 31 - Apr 4, 2021. It's a practical solution for any time of eating of the day. It's a part of fight hunger at Walmart. Products like Kraft macaroni & cheese can be seen on this page.

Knorr Pasta Sides $1 pg 8 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese 5 Pack $4.50 Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal $3.98 Green ... Read More...

Walmart Home Savings Apr 29 2021

Only one-day limited-time home savings are perhaps what you need to spend a nice Spring at home. offers these products like sofa, servingware, kitchen appliances, and more on the website. Many of them are offered with W+ free shipping. Rollback savings and best-sellers are probably gonna be interesting. Walmart Ad is currently focused on grilling meat. To support that habit, you might wanna renovate your kitchen with an air fryer to make some potato fries. Wooden furniture for your dining corner and patio furniture made of comfortable material is also available in the ad.

Walmart Home Savings Apr 29 20219383

These are only a few featured products. Hundreds of more products are on sale in the home category of Walmart Home Savings Apr 29 2021 is a must-see deal. Walmart weekly ad can also offer great deals.

Walmart Best Seller Lawn Mower

HART 40-V cordless brushless 20" self-propelled mower kit is the best seller featured lawn mower at Walmart. If you have a backyard up to half an acre, this product can be useful for you. It may even be essential since you can't leave your lawn uncared when it's summer. Most home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowe's have the most important ads with gardening products like this one. Walmart also promotes its patio and gardening deals right now. April is the perfect time to do these tasks like mowing, trimming, potting, and perhaps trying some patio furniture.

HART 40-Volt Cordless Brushless 20-inch Self-Propelled Mower Kit, (1) 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, (1) Battery Charger

Walmart Savings Spotlight Deals Apr 2021

Check out current savings spotlight deals of They have best sellers like AirPods on sale. If you own a car, you might need to change tires. Goodyear Viva 3 all-season tire is on sale. Home appliances like coffee makers, iRobot Roomba have also a corner in the Walmart savings spotlight deals right now. You can even find a good deal on LOL Surprise! Clubhouse Playset. Currently, Apple Airpods Pro is $197 at Walmart. Go to for the new deals.

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