Ways to Keep The Cosmetic Products Sterile

You should keep the cosmetic products sterile. How often should we disinfect your makeup and skincare products? Here are ways to keep the cosmetics you use every day as clean as possible in this process where we all pay more attention to hygiene!

We need to regularly clean our make-up to prevent bacteria from forming and spreading. Although we do not use them on makeup brushes, make-up sponges, and various skincare tools, bacteria can grow. Combined with this cream, oil and make-up remnants can accelerate the growth of bacteria and cause serious problems on our skin. Also, we shared Avon Campaign 16 2020. You should check this Avon C16 2020 in detail and get your needs at low prices!

Pay attention to expiration dates of mascara

Like every cosmetic product, mascara has expiration dates. Unfortunately, most of us use mascara, which is recommended to be consumed within 6 months after opening, for a longer time than recommended. However, long-term use of a product you apply to your eyes can create an area for the growth of various bacteria in the mascara tube and infect your eyes.

Pay attention to lip cleansing

After eating, we all want to refresh our lipstick, but the food or oil left on your lips can infect your lipstick and trigger the formation of bacteria. Do not forget to clean your lips with a wet wipe before refreshing your lipstick.

Clean your brushes

By regularly cleaning your makeup brushes, you can minimize the spread and reproduction speed of bacteria. When washing your brushes, do not forget to take care to wash only one brush at a time, or the bacteria in one brush can switch to a different brush.

Clean your makeup bag

One of the most important points to keep the products you will use while making makeup remain clean is to keep them in a clean makeup bag. For this purpose, do not forget to wash your make-up bag in the washing machine or disinfect it with antibacterial wet wipes before you clean your brushes and put them back in your bag.

Here are ways to keep the cosmetic products sterile. Also, you can check out Avon Catalog 16 2020. If you want to see more Avon Products, deals, or tips, you can visit the main page. In addition, you can follow us on Twitter and Youtube!

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