Ways to Protect the Skin from the Sun

Let’s view ways to protect the skin from the sun with products of Avon Campaign 16 2021! Learning about the strength of your sunscreen before applying it can help make your relationship with it more stable and secure.

You’d guess what makes sunscreen products effective is the way they fight the sun’s rays. So what exactly are we fighting with the sun’s rays? Let’s say right away: with UVA and UVB rays.

What are the effects of the sun on the skin?

We know that sunbathing is very important for vitamin D synthesis. However, excessive exposure to sun rays, not using protective clothing and sunscreen creams cause premature aging and skin damage.

Sun rays can cause light or brown spots on the skin, slight wrinkles, skin atrophy in advanced stages, and deterioration in collagen and elastic fibers in the skin. Thus, the regeneration of the skin slows down, spots, moles and veins can appear on the skin, the color of the skin fades, wrinkles deepen in sun-exposed areas and sagging skin occurs.

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On the other hand, whether your skin type is light or dark, being under the sun at noon when UV rays are intense, and your geographical location are important factors in the extent of the damage that may occur.

To avoid sunburn on your face or body, do not make the mistake of going out without applying your sunscreen. It is also important that the sunscreen you use has at least 30 SPF protection. Also, SPF only protects you from UVB rays. To protect yourself from UVA rays, you should choose products with both UVA and UVB protection. Also, renew your sunscreen at least every two hours.

Apply Your Sunscreen Correctly

Do not mix your sunscreen with your moisturizer or foundation. In such applications, you reduce the effect of sunscreen. First, apply your sunscreen, after your skin absorbs the cream well, you can apply foundation. View the latest Avon Brochure and find what you are looking for at low prices this month!

Choose Sunscreen by Your Skin Type

It is actually an important guide for the sunscreen you will use, whether your skin type is sensitive or normal. If you have sensitive skin, you may need to use physical sunscreens that do not penetrate the lower layers of the skin and bounce the sun’s rays. Physical preservatives leave a white texture as soon as they are applied to the skin.

If you have normal skin, you can use sunscreens with chemical protection. Chemical preservatives do not leave any traces when applied to the skin. You should browse Avon Catalog 16 2021 and see the good sun care products!

Wear Glasses and a Hat

No matter how much sunscreen you apply, goggles and a hat are essential to protect your eyes and head from the sun.

Wear Light Colored Clothes

Dark colored clothes attract the sun’s rays like a magnet. In particular, it would be logical to choose your top clothing and hat in a light color. However, you should still continue to use sunscreen cream.

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