Ways to Reduce Aging Effects

This article’s topic is about ways to reduce aging effects with products of Avon Campaign 6 2020! The skin has two building blocks: Collagen and elastin. Here the world of beauty works on these two elements. We have learned the newest and most effective methods to reverse the effects of aging. Having a light and healthy skin that does not show its age is now more effortless and accessible. Dermatology Specialist Sadiye Kuş underlines that new research facilitates the way to a young skin with each passing day.


  • Moisture requirement was met;
  • Wrinkle-free;
  • Elasticity and tightness are in place;
  • No color irregularities;
  • With a vivid, bright appearance.

When we see these, we say that they have a healthy skin structure. There are many ways to restore the health of the skin, but protection is one of them.


It is very important to have vitamin C in creams used in summer and winter to protect the skin. You can think of vitamin C as an armor. It becomes the shield of the skin and protects the skin. When you bite an apple it rust and oxidize. You may think that your skin may be exposed to rust. It is important to apply vitamin C products during the day for collagen synthesis. Retinoic acid and glycolic acid are also among the recommended ingredients for collagen synthesis. It is recommended to use these contents in the evenings. Dry binders should use moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid at night and creams with vitamin C again during the day. No matter which type of skin you use, applying sunscreen on your products is the first step of the road to young and bright skin.

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