Well-Groomed Hands and Nails With The Nail Experts Series!

Today’s topic is about well-groomed hands and nails with the nail experts series from Avon Campaign 5 2020! There are many essentials from this Avon Catalog! If you need these selections, you shouldn’t miss these prices! Many types of products are waiting for you! Moreover, these are on sale with fabulous savings! Personal care products, makeup products, fragrances and many more are available on Avon Campaign February 2020!

Nail Experts Nail Surface Smoothing

It contains Okoume oil, which is known for its way of reducing road appearance on the nails. It instantly reduces flaking and breakage on the nail surface and improves the road-to-road appearance. Thanks to the protective layer it creates on your nails, it allows you to feel your smoothness and smoothness than ever before. It is enough to apply on your nails before the nail polish.

Nail Experts Nail Enhancer

It hardens your nails with its formula containing diamond powder. Formulated with soy protein and vitamins In this way, it provides you with healthy and strong nails. With its pleasant scent and special formula, you can get much stronger looking nails in just 5 days.

Nail Experts Cuticle Remover Complex

Thanks to AHA technology, it removes the dry and hard cuticle layer on your nails. It cleans your nails from the dead cell layer. This repairs dry, cracked and rough cuticles, moisturizes and smoothes your nails with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E in its content. It gives your nails a new manicure-like look. After just 5 days of use, it was observed that dry and cracked cuticles decreased and smoothed in 95% of the women using it. It is easy to apply, quickly absorbed on your nails.

Nail Experts Hand Care Cream

Hand and nail care cream containing vitamins A and E and herbal extracts protects the nails against breakage and increases its flexibility. This product also smooths and softens dry and sensitive hands, making your hands look much smoother. This renews the structure of your skin and protects it against cracking. It is suitable for all skin types with its pleasant hood. It is quickly absorbed by the skin. Apply the product on your hands and inside.

Nail Experts Fracture Care Product

It helps to strengthen the nails that have weakened from peeling as soon as they are applied. When used regularly, the nails become less brittle and more resistant to cracking, splitting and breaking. In this way, you can get very smooth, smooth looking nails.

Nail Experts Protector, Shiny Nail Polish

It provides easy application with its drying feature within 30 seconds from the moment of application. It helps your nail polish last much longer. With regular touches, you can use your nail polish for up to 5 days.

Nail Experts French Manicure Set

It is now very easy to get nails as if you have a manicure in the comfort of your home! You can get a perfect look on your nails with 1 peach color, 1 white nail polish paper and 30 nail tip paper with French Manicure Set.

Here are Nail Experts Series from Avon Brochure 5 2020! If you want to check more Avon Products, you should visit the main page and follow us on Facebook!

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