What Is Lip Contouring

You can make your lips look fuller with the recently fashionable lip contouring and products of Avon Campaign 22 2020! So do you know how to make lip contours? You can make your lips look fuller with lip contours instead of aesthetic applications such as botox and fillers for fuller lips that have recently become fashionable.

When make-up is done with shadow and light games, it can be at least as effective as aesthetics, but great care should be taken during application. It may be a matter of time before your lips turn into the framed lips of the ’80s when you say to make lip contour.


Lip liner selection is the most important step in lip contour. To stay away from a framed lip look, the lip liner you choose should match both your lip color and your lipstick color. For this reason, it would be most logical to choose a lip liner in nude shades. If you are going to choose a different color lip liner, make sure that it is the same tone as your lipstick. It makes it difficult to get the look you want from your lipstick to be lighter or darker.

Lip Frame

Define the lip frame while applying. If you want to have fuller lips, you can move a little outside the frame. At this stage, the most important thing you should pay attention to is that you apply the plumping process not to your lip pit, but especially to the lip edges. Another important thing is that a pointed lip pit makes your lips look thinner, so you should get as rounded lines as possible.

To make your lips look fuller, you can use a shade of dark lip liner. With this lip liner, draw a slightly bold line perpendicular to the middle of your lower lip. Divide your upper lip into three with these lines. Thus, you create an illusion that your lips are fuller.

Clean Around the Lips

In order for the lip make-up to be perfect, you need to take help from the concealer and clean your lip edges. This stage will ensure that you get rid of the mistakes you make during the application and also provide resistance to the scattering or contamination of lip make-up.

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