Why You Need To Wear Sunscreen In Winter

Today, you will see good info about why you need to wear sunscreen in winter with Avon Campaign 25 2020! Using sunscreen is one of the maintenance steps required to maintain your skin quality, delay the effects of aging, and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Although there is a general perception that sunscreen should only be used in summer months, UV filtering products should not be skipped at all times of the year. It’s cold, the sun is behind the clouds: why should you use sunscreen?

Unfortunately, as the air temperature decreases, the sun’s rays do not decrease and the sun manages to reach your skin even if it is out of sight. UV rays that damage the skin can get rid of the cloud filter by up to 80% and maintain their effect.

Skin texture that is dry, sensitive, and worn from wind and cold is more vulnerable to the sun. In other words, the damage caused by UV rays to the skin in winter is stronger.

Snow and Ice

Especially those who are interested in winter sports know: the reflective effect of snow and ice causes the skin to be exposed to more sunlight, thus multiplying the harmful effects of the sun.

Ozone Layer is Thinner

We can call the sunscreen of the world for the ozone layer. This layer in the atmosphere absorbs most of the harmful rays before they reach us. However, ozone production accelerates at high temperatures. Therefore, the ozone layer is thinner. Therefore more permeable in winter.

We are closer to the sun

The world, which is the furthest from the sun in July, experiences its closest moments to the sun in January. As the slope of the northern hemisphere is far from the sun, although we are in the winter season, the whole world is actually closer to the sun and is exposed to UV rays more intensely.

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