Winn Dixie Ad

Winn Dixie Ad 1/18 – 1/24 2017 has been published. Mostly Christmas food and holiday gifts.

This retailer operates stores in Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida focusin on generally groceries.

In this page you can read reviews about Winn Dixie Weekly Ad products and previews. Winn Dixie is a popular retailer for customers who love to shop online for weekly food products like fresh meat, packed meals, snacks, beverage etc.

Winn Dixie prepares great weekly ads containing a huge range of Deli, bakery, packaged meat, fresh meat, seafood, fresh grocery, drinks, household, personal care and outdoor products. Even more product categories are available in the Winn Dixie Weekly Ads.

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Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Prices Down Jan 11 – 17 2017

Every news that came up in the first two weeks of January 2017 about Winn Dixie states that Southeastern Grocers (which is the home of Bi-Lo, Winn Dixie and Harveys) will keep going with prices down.Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Prices Down Jan 11 - 17 2017 News also show that they will try to endure being a good friend of customers with increasing such type of deals as long as they are able to. In a short saying, that’s a good sign for everyone in the current conditions of economy all around the world. People from all around the world, with average budgets, struggle to meet their regular needs because of unbalanced economical system. That’s a fact now.

Did you know that 99% of wealth of the world belongs to the %1 of entire population of the world ? according to Oxfam. Well then, Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Prices down is one of the best things to happen to consumers of USA 🙂

Food Deals of Winn Dixie Ad

We focus on the regular food needs, half prices, bogo deals and the maximum saving you can get. Several good deals on pg 1-2 with bogo deals are available. That includes fresh produce, meat and snacks.

Boneless rump or bottom round roast B1G1 Free – save $6.29
Kellogg’s Cereals B1G1 Free – save $3.79 – $4.19
Barilla Pasta – pasta sauce B1G1 Free pg 2
Mayfield select ice cream B1G1 Free
Strawberries 1 lb. B1G1 Free – save $4.99

Two great products are prices down on pg 4 from bakery can be seen. French baguettes and King’s Hawaiian rolls are prices down by Winn Dixie. Meat and packaged meat products are featured on pg 5-6.

Prices Down

1-year-long prices down products can be seen on pg 9.

Granulated sugar $2 ea now – save $.35
Winn-Dixie spread $2.65 – was $2.79
24 pk SE Grocers spring water $2.75 – was $3.25

You can also find great snacks and convenient food before Super Bowl LI that will take place in Houston this year. Be ready for the 51th Super Bowl game !

Winn Dixie Ad Down Down Deals Dec 2016

Winn Dixie Weekly ad has always these down down prices. Their weekly product range is satisfying in terms of discounts and availability. People are mostly happy with the numbers in Winn Dixie. Despite the competition Winn Dixie still offers long-term discounts like these down down prices. As far as I learnt, Winn Dixie’s CEO McLeod says that they are trying to keep offering the lowest prices in the entire range of supermarkets. As you know, they are competitors of the biggest two supermarket chain of USA. Here is the main strategy of Winn Dixie: Being a better option for customers overcoming the low price strategy in long term. That means you will continue to see low prices like “down down” in these weekly ads. This week’s Winn Dixie Ad Down Down Deals Jan 4 – 10 2017 are again focused on essential food products. Sugar, bread, packaged food 3 deals are available in this ad as “down down”.

Freshly baked French baguette $1 – Was $1.99 pg4
Winn Dixie sugar 4 lb. bag $2 – was $2.35
Winn Dixie shredded or chunk cheese $2.50 – Was $3.59

Of course, you can’t miss the bogo deals which are the regular habits of all weekly ads. Publix has got a lot of them. Walmart has rollback savings and these three stores are really competitive nation wide. That’s a good thing for no one but the customer.

B1G1 Free

Doritos 9.5 oz save $4.19-$4.29
Classico pasta sauce 15-24 oz. or pizza sauce – save $2.19 – $2.99
Nature’s own butter bread 20 oz.
Swanson beef or chicken broth 14 oz – save $1.39
Hershey’s, kit-kat, reese’s, etc. – save $1.19

Check out pg 15-16 for all of them.

Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Nov 25 – 29 2016 Bogo Deals

Browse this Winn Dixie Ad to make a shopping list of savory bogo deals. It is a short ad but provides high ratio of the bogo deals for particularly snacks. Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Nov 25 - 29 2016 Bogo DealsThe snacks and favorite packaged food you love to consume in your holiday. Consider it as a holiday shopping guide heavily offering bogo deals. Occassional sales like platters and 2-days only fuelperks deal are also valid starting on Friday.

Earn 5x fuelperks for $50 spent on gift card. You will need a lot of gift cards if you don’t like to buy gifts. Buying a random gift could be risky. Instead, prefer gift cards and let them choose !

B1G1 Free deals of Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Nov 25 – 29 on pg 2:

6 ct. glazed donuts
Heluva good dips 12 oz.
Classico or Classico Riserva pasta sauce
Sara Lee Sweet goods 10-15 oz.
Tastykake bag donuts 10-11.5 oz.
Nature’s Own Whitewheat or honey oat bread
General Mills Cereals
Thomas’ English muffin 6 ct.

In addition to this, don’t skip down deals for various products on the same page. The ad is also useful in finding Bogo deals for packaged vegetable or meat products. on pg 4 you can find plenty of those. If you want to end overpaying stuff of regular needs subscribe this category to follow future Winn Dixie ads.

Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Nov 16 – 24 2016

Happy Thanksgiving ! Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Nov 16 – 24 2016 covers pretty, healthy, good looking food for celebration. Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Nov 16 - 24 2016Get whatever you need with the prices advertised in this page. Make sure you browse all these products to catch discounts. B1G1 free deals on cover page gets a lot of attention. Mix or match sales are also available. It’s always profitable to see flyers first, before you go shopping. Here are some of the products from this range:

Breyers Ice cream or frozen dairy desserts 48 oz. – Talenti Gelato 16 oz. 3/$9
Kraft Shredded, chunk or cracker cut cheese 6-8 oz. B1G1 Free
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 30 oz. B1G1 Free
Birds Eye SteamFresh or non-steam vegetables 9.5 oz. – McKenzie’s chub corn B1G1 Free
Ritz Crackers 6 oz. B1G1 Free
Philedelphia cream cheese brick 8 oz. B1G1 Free

Fresh produce and seafood deals are featured on pg 2. B1G1 Free Dole salad blends is a great deal on this page ! Be thankful with Winn Dixie products on pg 4-5. Many different sweets, special deals of pantry products and profitable shopping await you in-store. You don’t have to wait !

7″ double layer dessert cake $10
12″ family size pumpkin or sweet potato pie $12
10″ pumpkin streusel or pecan almond chocolate pie $12
Nestle Toll House morsels 10-12 oz. 2/$6

Ocean Spray cranberry sauce 2/$3
Fresh honeysuckle turkey 10 lbs. $1.49
Heinz gravies 2/$3
Bone-in frozen turkey breast $1.79 lb.

Bakery, Deli Thanksgiving dinners, deli and beverage were also contained in this ad.

Winn Dixie Ad Thanksgiving Nov 9 – 15 2016

The best of Winn Dixie Ad Thanksgiving Nov 9 – 15 2016 are the products you can find on pg 5 consisting of generally pantry food, snacks, Thanksgiving food and of course B1G1 Free deals. Winn Dixie Ad Thanksgiving Nov 9 - 15 2016An extended view of the B1G1 Free deals of the Winn Dixie Ad can be browsed on pg 8. That’s where you may easily find most of the BOGO participating items. Weekend sale of the Winn Dixie is T-bone steaks value pack priced at $4.99 lb.

A lot of brands like Hershey’s, Winn-Dixie, McCormick of pantry and convenient food are available. Firstly I would suggest that you need an original idea of fall food. You can search for these food ideas around the internet. Harvest of Fall comes with the beautiful fresh produce. Fruits providing your body antioxidants, and fresh vegetables like squash that will definitely help your ability of eyesight.

You may earn 3x fuelperks for the $50 spent on gift cards. Check out details on pg 5. The list of B1G1 Free :

Welch’s refreshingly simple juices 59 oz. B1G1 Free
Breakstone’s sour cream 16 oz. B1G1 Free

Winn Dixie frozen vegetables, King’s Hawaiian original dinner rolls are two on going discounts. They are being discounted all the time until Winn Dixie stops doing. Meat and Bakery products are available on pg 3-4. Obviously there are some real products featuring the deals of B1G1 free on cover:

Kellogg’s cereals 17 oz. froot loops or Apple jacks, – corn pops, rice krispies, frosted flakes B1G1 Free
Kraft Mayo or Miracle whip 30 oz. B1G1 Free
Edwards pies 25-32 oz. – Mrs. Smith’s flaky pies 37 oz. B1G1 Free
Nabisco Nilla wafers B1G1 Free
Sara Lee Sweet Goods or Entenmann’s Little Bites 12-13 oz. B1G1 Free mix or match sale

To find Fall’s favorite food for America and celebrate the Thanksgiving in best way check out pg 5:

Butterball Frozen turkey 10 lbs. $.99 lb.
Fresh cut herbs 0.25 oz. $1
Dixie Crystals confectioners, light or dark brown sugar 16 oz. $1 ea – 10 for $10
Crisco Vegetable oil 48 oz.
pillsbury flour 5 lb. bag 2/$5

PET Evaporated milk 12 oz. 4/$5
Winn-Dixie Crispy onions 6 oz. $2.29