Winter Skin Care With Avon Campaign 26 2019

In this article, you will see some tips about Winter Skin Care With Avon Campaign 26 2019! Just as the harmful rays of the sun in the summer pose a great danger to our skin, the winter is a great burden with the cold. There are 12 simple tips to protect your skin this season. When buying skincare products in autumn and winter, follow the same procedure when choosing clothes. Just as you are buying clothes made of thin fabrics for the summer and thick clothes for the winter; When buying skincare products, always consider the suitability of the season.

Again, if we give an example of clothes; we wander in thin clothes in the summer, we dress up in layers to protect from the cold in winter. The same is true for cosmetic use. While a product is sufficient in summer, it may be beneficial to use several products in winter. For example, a combination of moisturizer, serum and care cream will give you much better results.

In winter, especially in cold and windy weather must protect our hands. Otherwise, our skin dries, itching and cracks occur. Be sure to apply hand cream and gloves before going out. Be sure to cream your hands after each hand soaping.

Useful Selections From Avon Campaign 26 2019

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  • Avon Crave Lip Gloss, $8
  • Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick, $10
  • Mattitude Soft Matte Liquid Lip, $12
  • 2-in-1 Lip Tattoo Lip Line & Fill Duo, $12
  • Glimmershadow Liquid Eyeshadow, $10
  • Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara, $5.99
  • Magix Wand Foundation Stick, $9.99

Some dermatologists recommend not to use perfume in winter. This is because alcohol in the perfume may dry our skin. But instead of applying perfume, you can prevent your skin from drying out with a simple formula: just spray the perfume on your clothes!

Do not use alcohol-containing tonics if you have dry skin. From the 20s onwards, you can start using dermo-cosmetic products such as serum ampoules around the eyes.

If your skin has problems such as blemishes, wrinkles and sagging, winter is the best time to find solutions. Some applications need to be done especially in winter when the sun is not active. For example; laser treatments on facial skin.

Do not give up the shower in winter. Take a hot shower often and don’t forget to use a humidifier after a shower.

In winter, use shower cream or shower oil instead of shower gel. Because creams and oils provide less water loss, give your skin moisture. It also reduces exfoliation.

The best time to do body and facial peeling is in winter. In order to have healthy and beautiful skin, you first need to clean the dead cells. So you can get the maximum benefit from nutritious care products.

Drink plenty of water not only in summer but also in winter. Even if we can’t be so thirsty, our skin needs water. In addition, omega-3 support is very useful for the skin. Consume salmon and walnuts.

Due to the cold, cracking occurs on our lips and around our lips. Moisten your lips with a lip cream before going to bed at night. In the daytime, you can use lip balm without getting cold. Stop licking your lips and eating shells!

Always apply a moisturizing lotion to your legs after each bath. Also, apply a lotion containing glycerin to keep your feet soft.

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