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In this post you can find the latest posts especially weekly ads updated. Also check out coupon matchups page to find latest coupon posts.


Publix Weekly Ad Sep 28 – Oct 4 2016

BOGO Free deals of Vita cold smoked salmon, Publix Deli tea, tostitos salsa, 6-pk Coca-Cola are available on cover page. Find a new selection of meat and fresh produce on this ad. Recipe of pomegranate chicken is readable on pg 2. Beautiful flowers for beloved ones are featured deals on pg 3. Pelee mum, cinnamon broom, sunflower bunch are on sale.Publix Weekly Ad Sep 28 - Oct 4 2016

Ocean taste consisting of white shrimp, salmon fillets, blackened tilapia, chili garlic salmon, soy ginger salmon and even more seafood can be seen on pg 4. Publix offers meat meals on pg 5. Boneless chuck pot roast and some deli meat are featured on pg 5.

Fresh Produce by Publix Ad are available on pg 6-7. Freshly picked products are on the table for all of you ! Awesome Publix Greenwise honeycrisp apples, red or white seedless grapes and organia raw almonds are available for new prices.

Fresh express salad BOGO Free
Strawberries 2 for $6
Publix cantaloupe chunks $2.49
Tropicana pure premium orange juice 3/$10
Mandarins $4.99
White Seedless grapes $1.49
Winter squash $.99 lb.
Sweet potatoes $.99 lb.
Publix Romaine hearts 2/$6

Are available at the moment. Deli and bakery tasteful products like blueberry muffins, donut holes, angel food cakes, mini croissant, seeded whole wheat bread, French bread can be found. Latest BOGO deals of snacks and beverage are also in stocks. Ad offers like General mills fiber one cereal, apple sauce, quaker cap’N crunch, Gatorade and many more.

Cheez-It, Nestle fun size bags, 12-pk Coca-Cola products are also BOGO Free deals. Publix Spring water is priced at $2.99.

Canada Dry, 7UP or A&W BOGO Free
Arizona Tea 2/$5
Planters mixed nuts BOGO Free
Nabisco Toasted pita snacks BOGO Free

Personal care, pharmacy, household and baby care products are also in the ad. For more of the products from Publix Ads please check out the preview.

Fry’s Weekly Ad Sep 28 – Oct 4 2016 Halloween

Fry’s Ad has got the pupmkin and pumpkin products on pg 2-3. In cover you find free items with the purchases of some products. Coke, Pepsi, 7UP, grapes, beef ribeye or strip steaks are hot sales. Meat and fresh products are advertised on cover page. The most important deals are free items and digital saving items. List of free items are available below.Fry's Weekly Ad Sep 28 - Oct 4 2016 Halloween

Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage 2/$6 – Buy 2 Get free Fry’s Large eggs
Kellogg’s Cereal 4/$8 – Buy 4 get Free Fry’s milk
DiGiorno Pizza 2/$10 – Buy 2 Get Haagen-Dazs ice cream free
Nabisco snack crackers $1.99 – Buy 3 Get Kroger cheese free
Green Mountain K-cups $5.99 – Buy 2 Get Coffee-mate creamer free

Deli, bakery, natural foods and organic products can be seen on pg 2-3. Digital account at will give you extra savings. Quilted Northern bathroom tissue, Oscar Mayer Deli fresh lunch meat, Pumpkin spice cheerios are these deals.

Fry’s Pumpkin Deals

These are available on pg 2-3. Pie pumpkins, pumpkin pie, Marie Callender’s pumpkin pie and more can be found here. All the ads have pumpkin deals this week. Don’t skip this one to get more savings.

Pie pumpkins 2/$3
Pumpkin pie $3.49
Denmark pumpkin bratwurst $3.99
Marie Callender’s pumpkin pie $5.99
Starbucks Pumpkin spice latte and Cafe Latte $6.99

Discover products on sale via digital savings event on pg 6 to save even more. Snacks, beverage and household items are available. For Halloween products please check out final page of the ad.

Ralphs Weekly Ad Sep 28 – Oct 4 2016

Ralphs Weekly Ad Sep 28 – Oct 4 2016 has offers of Buy and Get free deals on the cover page. Ralphs Weekly Ad Sep 28 - Oct 4 2016Fresh produce, beverage and meat were also advertised on this page. Steak, strawberries, coke and 7UP can be said to be the top deals highlighted on this page. A classic Ralphs ad full of digital savings event and regular deals has been published. Use this one to make your shopping list for more savings. Don’t skip the coupon matchup articles which you may easily find almost all blogs.

Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage 2/$6 – Get Kroger Grade AA large eggs free
Kellogg’s cereal $1.99 – Buy 4 and Get Ralphs milk free
DiGiorno Pizza $4.99 – Buy 2 and Get Haagen-Dazs ice cream free
Nabisco snack crackers $1.99 – Buy 3 and Get Kroger bars or shredded cheese free
Green mountain K-cups $5.99 – Buy 2 Get Coffee-mate creamer

This week you have Strawberries 16 oz 2 pk for $3 ! Another nice deal is boneless chuck steaks or roasts priced at $3.88 lb ! When you buy 3 of Coca cola or 7UP 12 pk, 12 fl oz. you only need to pay $9.99. Deli, bakery, natural foods, organic choices and pumpkin deals can be browsed on pg 3. Get your gear for Halloween and check out Fall’s favorite fresh food pumpkin. Pumpkins and everything made with pumpkin are up at the moment. All weekly ads offer you a good choice of these.

On pg 6 find Digital Savings event. This week snacks, household items, packaged meat, convenience and dry food variety are featured in the digital savings event. Final Prices on pg 6 are valid when you use digital coupons or card.

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers $0.99
Kroger natural slices $2.99
Ritz snack crackers $2.49
Hillshire Farm Lunch meat $4.49

Cottonelle bathroom tissue $8.99
Glad trash bags $6.99
all Laundry detergent $2.99
Crest toothpaste $2.99
Axe or Dove men shampoo or conditioner $3.99

These are final prices when you use card or digital coupon. See final page for Halloween costumes, serving ware, candies and Halloween decor ideas !

Kroger Weekly Ad Sep 28 – Oct 4 2016

Browse fresh food and Italian food on cover page of latest Kroger ad. This week you can get free Italian food with the purchases of certain products specified on cover. Dairy, packaged, coffee and many more have been advertised on this selection. Meat selection on cover page:Kroger Weekly Ad Sep 28 - Oct 4 2016

Fresh boneless chicken breast $1.77
Boneless steaks or roasts $3.88 lb.
Fresh wild-caught coho salmon fillets $8.99 lb.

Fresh food and packaged food:

Seedless mandarins $3.99
Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage 2/$6 – Get a free Grade AA large eggs
Kellogg’s cereal $1.99 – Buy 4 Get Ralphs milk free
DiGiorno Pizza $1.99 – Get Free Haagen-Dazs ice cream
Nabisco snack crackers $1.99 – Buy 3 Get Free Kroger bars or shredded cheese
Green Mountain K-cups $5.99 – Buy 2 Get Free coffee-mate creamer

BOGO Free deals, snacks, some breakfast products, Rosh Hashanah gathering products are on pg 2-3. Practical food and delicious pumpkin which is the Fall’s popular fresh food can be found on pg 3. Favorite pumpkin products are on sale today. View pg 2 to discover !

Pie pumpkins 4/$5
Pupmkin pie $3.99
Coffee-mate pumpkin spice coffee creamer 2/$5
Garden of Eatin’ pumpkin chips 2/$4

Organic and natural food are possible to see on pg 3. Simple Truth protein bar, Kashi cereal and many more are featured on pg 3.

Horizon organic milk $5.99
Noosa Yoghurt 2/$4
Kashi cereal 2/$5
Blue Diamond nut thins 2/$5
Simple Truth Protein Bar $0.79

Fresh Produce and meat products are currently on sale. On pg 4 of the Kroger ad you can avail all these products. In the meat sale of the list on pg 4 Jennie-O ground turkey is a Buy 1 get 1 of equal or lesser value deal. Green cabbage, sweet poatoes are in the fresh range. BOGO Free pumpkins will save you $9.99 ! Flowers on pg 4 can be found as lowered prices.

Pompon parade bouquet $9.99
Fall Mum $8.99

Honeycrisp apples, black seedless grapes and organic salad blends are organic deals of the fresh produce selection of the Kroger. Game Day snacks and beverage can be purchased for the prices shown on pg 5.

Kroger sour cream 2/$5
Cheetos or Fritos 2/$5
Kroger deluxe ice cream or dairy dessert 2/$5
Powerade or Powerade Zero $0.69
Big K $0.59
Kroger Water 3/$10

Kroger Digital Savings Event

Snacks, beverage and lunch food are on sale with the coupons of Kroger. Lunch meals on sale on this page:

Pepperidge farm goldfish crackers $0.99
Kroger natural slices $1.49
Ritz snack crackers $1.99
Hillshire Farm lunch meat $4.49

Kroger Ad Buy 4 Save $4 Participating Items Sep 21 – 27 2016

A new Buy 4 Save $4 item list is available in Kroger and its partner retailers like Fry’s and Ralphs.Kroger Ad Buy 4 Save $4 Participating Items Sep 21 - 27 2016 You may find the full list for the participating items that are available in the latest Kroger Weekly Ad. With a nice selection consisting of mainly groceries, snacks and beverage you will find great savings. Other than that breakfast food like cereals, everyday essentials like household products and more are listed.

This week’s Kroger ad is colorful. It contains Italian food and these deals. You may also find Halloween products inside this ad. Holiday Home Halloween dinnerware is $1.99 select. Halloween glass mason jar, baking accessories, stackable beverage dispenser, ceramic mugs, treat bowls and many more products are being sold at Kroger stores.

Let’s check out Buy 4 Save $4 items that are saving you $1 for each purchase. Remember these are valid when you buy 4 of participating items.

On pg 8

Breakfast and some snacks:

Jif Peanut butter $2.99
Private selection ice cream $2.99
Quaker cereal $1.49
Freschetta Pizza $3.99
Aquafina water $3.49
Frito-Lay simply snacks $2.99

Beverage Products:

Coca-Cola Pepsi or 7UP $1.99 ea
Gatorade or G2 $3.99


Private selection angus beef patties $7.99
Private selection bread $0.99 ea
Private selection entertainment crackers $0.99
Private selection coffee $4.99
Private selection vegetables $0.99 ea
Private selection fruit $8.99

Household Products

Garnier Fructis shampoo or conditioner $1.99
Ziploc food storage containers $1.99
Cottonelle bathroom tissue $4.99
Playtex O.B. tampons $3.99
Dove Shampoo or conditioner $2.49

Packaged snacks, sauces and some chemicals:

Nabisco Snack crackers $1.69
Sargento snack cheese $3.49
I can’t believe it’s not butter $1.89
Kellogg’s Special K cereal $1.99
Simple Truth Laundry Detergent $8.99

Knudsen organic juice $1.99
Naked coconut water $3.49
Kickstart 4 pk. 16 fl oz. $3.99
Private selection chocolate bars $0.99
Kleenex facial tissue $4.99

Jack Link’s beef jerky $3.99
Kraft Mayo or Miracle whip $1.99
Special K protein shakes $4.99
Stouffer’s Entree $6.49
Private Selection simmering sauce $1.49

Tide Laundry Detergent $9.99
Downy fabric softener $3.49
Clorox disinfecting wipes $3.99
Home Sense tail kitchen or trash bags $3.99