Walgreens Weekly Ad Oct 23 – Oct 29 2016

Walgreens Weekly Ad Oct 23 – Oct 29 2016 features the new pharmacy deals and Halloween products. Walgreens Weekly Ad Oct 23 - Oct 29 2016Even the cover page of this ad contains Halloween specials like decorative items, masks, costumes, candy items, 3-day treat sale. Some of the highlighted products of pharmacy appear also on this page. BOGO Free Nature’s Bounty vitamins and supplements is an example. Coupon offers like chicken of the sea conserved food, butterball chicken broth are available on pg 2. Are you sick of what you have for the mornings ? Consider combining different things in your breakfast. A little cereal and coffee are great matches working for always. Alternate food to your hot cooked meals are not always bad. BOGO 50% off Oscar Mayer lunch meat and hot dog have been repriced on pg 3. Mix n’ match deals of Kellogg’s special cereals, snacks, cookies and crackers are all advertised by the ad on pg 4. Favorite beverages of your choice will be turning your night into a fun. Powerade, Minute Maid, BOGO 50% off, Sprite, Coke all in. From pg 6 to pg 8 you may browse the photo deas, household chemicals and cleaners. Halloween deals on pg 9-11. Dental care items like Colgate toothpaste, toothbrush, baby care, whitening pen etc have been advertised as well. In order to see all these products the easiest way is to view the sneak peek ad.

3-day treat sale offers snacks and confectionery including chocolates, confectionery.

Candy or gum HOT PRICE $1.99
Hershey’s or Mars mini, Fun or Snack size jumbo bag candy 2/$10
Halloween Costume accessories masks, headbands, wigs 25% off
Temporary hair color Jerome Russell or Halloween $3.99
Halloween Candy items B1G1 50% off

Breakfast Nutrition

Cereals of Kellogg’s, raisin bran, frosted flakes $3.49 16.9 oz.
Nice! Oatmeal or cereal – instant oatmeal, 10 pk – cereal 10.5 oz. 2/$3
Quaker quick 3-min. steel cut oats 25 oz. 2/$6
Granola or Cereal bear naked 12 oz. 2/$6

Quick food and packaged products of Walgreens Ad :

Campbell’s soup or chili 2/$3
Campbell’s condensed soup $.99
6-pk laughing cow mini babybel or 12 pk. Kraft Mozzarella string cheese 2/$7
Kraft Dinner – macaroni&cheese $.79

Mix and Match snacks, crackers and similar kind of products to the above list can be found on pg 4. For beverage selection please go to pg 5.

Walgreens Halloween Deals October 2016

Halloween candy deals of Walgreens have been offered on pg 9-11. Among these you may reach Reese’s, Snickers Pumpkin, Hot Tamales, Lindt chocolates and Hershey’s family bag candy and many more products are available on pg 9.

Godiva, Green & Black’s or Toblerone chocolate 2/$5
Hershey’s family bag candy 19.75 oz. $5.49
Lindt or Ghirardelli 4.12 oz. 2/$7
BOGO50% off Novelty Halloween candy items

Party supplies, party food and all the fun you need for Halloween parties. Check out DiGiorno, Ice Cream or Bagel bites, Ice Cream or Treats, pumpkin decoration were included by the range on pg 10. If you are keen on making up, wearing masks and costumes for Halloween please check out pg 10-11.

Meijer Weekly Ad Oct 23 – Oct 29 2016

Incredible deals of Meijer Weekly Ad Oct 23 – Oct 29 2016 on fresh food, grocery, meat, pharmacy and Halloween have been contained by this ad. Meijer Weekly Ad Oct 23 - Oct 29 2016On cover page you got this meat sale and BOGO 50% off frozen or deli pizzas. Gala, McIntosh, red apples have been priced at $1.49 lb. You got convenient food and packaged pizzas. Store them nice in case you have an insuppresable appetize even you had your dinner. Glamorous deals of all pizza with BOGO 50% off deal on pg 2 waits for customers until Oct 29. Within the sneak peek ad you can see meat sale on pg 3. There is the B1G1 Free meat sales and packaged meat offers of the new Meijer Ad.
Buy 6 Save $6 participating items are featured on pg 4. Check out new fresh produce with Florida tangerines, California seedless grapes, caramel apples and more. If you are keen on Halloween pumpkin deals there you go. On pg 6 you have a beautiful product range featuring BOGO deals. BOGO Free cake donut holes, deli meat and more have the new prices by Meijer. Ultimate beverage sale of Meijer Ad can be seen on pg 9. True Goodness by Meijer offering orange juice, tortilla chips, organic cheese is among the deals on pg 10.

Meijer Weekly Ad Halloween Deals

Pumpkin, cookies, various snacks and treats including dry and packaged food can be found on pg 6. That’s a great party supply for you :

Cake donut holes B1G1 Free 14-16 oz.
Cupcakes 12 ct. $5.99
Lebrees 8″ Halloween cake or 12″ decorated message cookie $7.49
Lofthouse frosted or shortbread cookies B1G1 Free
B1G1 Free garden fresh salsa, hummus or chips
B1G1 Free Sara Lee pre-sliced deli meat

Meijer Snacks and Beverage

Extended range of beverage including top brands like Gatorade, Coke, Pure leaf tea and Dr Pepper etc. will be your top place to have them.

Frito-Lay variety pack 20 ct. $5.99
Pepsi or Dr. Pepper products 24 pk. x 12 oz. $5.99
Gatorade 8 pk. x 20 oz. $4.99
Pringles 5.32 oz 4/$5
B1G1 Free Brownberry bread 24 oz.

Check out dairy, breakfast and True Goodness products on pg 10. Don’t forget to add something from pg 11, on which you may find dry food and packaged products, in your shopping list. BOGO Free on SuperPretzel snacks was also one of the products.

From pg 14 to 22 you can browse non-foods, general home products including household chemicals. BOGO 50% off dog or cat treats are also available in the ad.

Kroger Ad Buy 4 Save $4 Oct 19 – 25 2016

One of the special sales of this week is that of Buy 4 Save $4 of Kroger. As a regular sale of the Kroger weekly ads you can see this range as a source to going on savings. Kroger Ad Buy 4 Save $4 Oct 19 - 25 2016When you buy 4 participating items you will get the final prices of these products consisting of personal care products and food and you would save $4 on total 4 purchases. Kroger Ad Buy 4 Save $4 Oct 19 – 25 2016 deals have been listed in this page. You can simply browse the pg 5 and 6 of the ad or check out the product lists here. It’s a very profitable trade and currently valid.

Mix and Match Buy 4 Save $4 Products | Kroger Ad Savings

Here are what you can find on the pg 5 – 7 of the ad.


Edy’s Ice Cream 48 fl oz or Outshine fruit bars, 4-12 ct
Kroger Cheese $2.47
Tombstone Pizza $2.49
Frito-Lay Party Size Snacks $2.99
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 6-8 oz or Minute Maid Fruit Drinks or Ades, 59 fl oz $0.99


Find popular favorite brands of soda packs and coffee within the newest sale of Kroger Ad:

Starbucks Coffee 11-12 oz Bag; K Cups, 10 ct or Folgers Coffee, 22.6-30.5 oz Can $5.77
Ocean Spray Cocktails $1.79
Simply Ades or Minute Maid Lights $1.99
Gatorade or G2 $4.99

Breakfast and Convenience Food

Simple Truth Cage-Free Eggs Grade A, 12 ct or International Delight Coffee Creamer, 32 fl oz $1.77
Cascadian Farm Cereal $1.99
Chobani Yogurt $3.99
Kellogg’s Cereal $2.49

Buy 4 Save $4 Personal Care and Non-Foods

Charmin Bath Tissue $7.99
Speed Stick Deodorant $0.99
Irish Spring Bar Soap $2.99
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Refill $3.99
Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste 5.8 oz, or Colgate 360 Total Advanced Toothbrush, 1 ct $2.49

You will find a good selection of dental care, bathroom consumables, various personal care products like antiperspirant products and more on pg 7:

Palmolive Dish Detergent or Seventh Generation Dish Detergent $1.69
Suavitel Fabric Softener $1.99
Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste 6 oz or Colgate 360 Toothbrush, 1 ct $1.59
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste $1.99
Colgate Enamel Health Toothpaste 4 oz or Colgate 360 Enamel Health Toothbrush $1.99

Colgate Total Mouthwash $1.99
Colgate Optic White Mouthwash $1.99
Irish Spring Bodywash $2.99
Softsoap Bodywash $2.49
Speed Stick Gear Deodorant $2.49

Discover even more products seeking on pg 7. Future posts will be published when a new ad comes up. Don’t forget to check this page out next week !

Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Oct 19 – 25 2016

There is a lot going with Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Oct 19 – 25 2016 which has been published yesterday.Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Oct 19 - 25 2016 Deal of the week is of Hershey’s and Reese’s snack size bag priced $2.49 ! Fresh produce of Winn Dixie and B1G1 Free deals appearing on the cover page are all possible to see among what was contained by the store. In the bakery, deli and weekend sale you will find meat, packaged products and convenience food as well.

Nature’s Own butterbread B1G1 Free
Freshly Baked 18 ct. cookies B1G1 Free
Cheetos or Fritos 8 oz $2 – 2/$4
Fresh baked 18 ct. count cookies B1G1 Free
Nature’s Own butterbread B1G1 Free 20 oz. B1G1 free

Are some of the cover page deals and good ones from the entire range of products. Check out all the details of the Winn Dixie Ad content with browsing on the preview page. Winn Dixie Fresh product is available on pg 2.

Bell peppers 4/$5
Dole tropical gold pineapple $2.49
Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins $4.99 ea
Baby cut carrots 1 lb. bag $1.49

Bakery and Deli products are also on the same page with these products. Regular sales of Winn Dixie are enough to save for weekly shopping expenses. Meat, packaged meat, seafood deals have been contained on pg 3. Check out some of the premium quality offers:

Fresh boneless skinless chicken thight $2.99 lb.
Boneless ribeye steaks value pack $8.99 lb.
St. Louis style spareribs $3.29 lb.

Packaged Meat:

Smithfield breakfast links, rolls or patties 2/$6
Oscar Mayer uploaded lunchables 2/$6
State Fair family size beef corn dogs $9.99

Snow crab clusters $9.99 lb.
Cold Water lobster tai $5.99 ea
B1G1 Free Gulf Pride raw shrimp

And more will be yours and I am sure you get happier when you have them on your list saving while shopping. Weekend Sale of this week are T-bone steaks value pack, Fisherman’s wharf shrimp ring, Angler’s catch salmon fillets and some snacks like Lay’s variety packs.

Halloween Deals of Winn Dixie Ad

All the snacks, confectionery and accessories for Halloween released by Winn Dixie Ad can be seen on pg 6.

Trolli sour brite crawlers 2/$5
Halloween witch wigs $5
Halloween string lights 100 ct. Candy corn or sparkle pumpkin lights $5
Halloween crystal ghost, spinning lights or carving kits with candles $4
Dove, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, M&M’s, Twix or Snickers bars B1G1 free

Are few of the great deals from the Halloween range of Winn Dixie.