Publix Weekly Ad Holiday Sale Dec 13 - 19, 2018

This ad heavily promotes holiday products like ham and fine wine selection. Even on the first page of the ad, great deals on traditional Greek salad and premium spiral-sliced ham appear to be one of the focus food products. Southern Style velvet cake is a fine example of this elegant selection of food and it will cost only $19.99 at Publix. Party food is another side of the subject. Check out crab cake, eggstirs, honey gold potatoes and more products on pg 3 where three different recipes, that will use those items, are available. 

Medium white shrimp, salmon fish, whole beef tenderloin, Pepperidge Farm puff pastry shells, and more items are featured items of the seasonal festive food products on pg 6. One of my favorites is standing rib roast on pg 7. You can also find side dishes on the same page. 

Fresh produce sale of Publix is also interesting and one of the best parts of the ad. Sweet potatoes, baby cut carrots and more products are on sale there. You have great deals on apples, cranberries, orange, and seedless grapes. BOGO Free bakery apple coffee cake this week. 

Festive food, meat and more: 

Albertsons Weekly Ad Coupon Offers Dec 12 - 18, 2018

Again perfect food deals are available in the grocery part of the latest Albertsons Ad. Meat, seafood, fresh fruits are at their best form with fantastic discounts. You have meat and fruits on the first page. The coupon deals are distributed through the ad. These are clip or click just for u deals. From dairy department to personal care products, there is a coupon discount on your favorite product. Albertsons Ad also shows Friday only sale. Pay only for each item in this category. Visit pg 3-4 for these products. Foster’s cans, Swiss cheese, Navel oranges, Frito Lay chips and more are featured products of the new Albertsons Ad.

You can buy 80% lean ground beef for only $2.77/lb. USDA Choice beef products will cost $3.47/lb. Shrimp is only $5.99 and whole chickens can be purchased at $.97. You have also chance to earn rewards. Non-food part like pharmacy can also be favorable because there are free flu shots and great discounts on personal care products. BOGO Free and $5 savings in baby category for your $40 purchase, can be the reasons to shop in Albertsons Pharmacy. 

See these just for u coupon deals on Albertsons Ad below. See all of them on the preview. 

And more products are available in the coupon sale of Albertsons Ad. Don’t miss out and follow our Facebook page to track the deals by this ad and other holiday ads. 

Fry's Weekly Ad Holiday Foods Dec 12 - 18, 2018

Buy something for your pet, find holiday gift wrapping paper, save 40% on holiday decoration and festive products at Fry’s Weekly Ad Dec 12 – 18. This week’s Fry’s Ad is full of savings like digital coupon offers. There are many promoted items such as beverage products and breakfast food in coupon sale. Coke, 7UP or Pepsi will cost only 4/$8 if you buy it with coupon. Moreover, you can redeem a coupon up to 5 times. 3-days only sale is another major part of the savings with Fry’s shopping. Red Bull, Bakery muffins, 30″ gift wrap, Extra large cooked shrimp, and Kroger cheese are products of 3-days only sale and each coupon is again redeemable up to 5 times. Visit pg 3 for all these products. Party platters, appetizers and more festive foods can be ordered online. Use website, phone or Deli Associate to order. Learn the information on pg 5 of the Fry’s Ad Dec 12 – 18. The preview is available right now. 

Mix and match sale is an offer of $4 saving after purchasing 4 participating items. These products can be seen on pg 7 of the ad. Ore-Ida potatoes, organic foods and more are featured.  I also find holiday sale on pg 9 interesting and worth seeing since there is a 40% discount on decoration and accessories. Find nutcracker, acrylic serveware, Christmas lights, treats and more with that discount. There was 20% discount on these items and it seems like they doubled the discounts. 

Check out these hoilday foods including fresh produce and meat: 

Fresh meat, turkey, seafood and more: 

Coupon offers and holiday products: 

Ralphs Weekly Ad Festive Foods Dec 12 - 18, 2018

Something for everyone in all holiday ads of Kroger franchise this week! Buy holiday gifts for your pet on pg 2 of this ad. Ralphs Weekly Ad Dec 12 – 18 shows many food deals inclduing this one. Treats, pet toys, dog and cat foods and more are on sale. Traditional foods like ham and turkey variety is also on sale. Check out the first page of the Ralphs Ad for Farmer John spiral sliced ham that will cost only $1.27/lb. Roasted meat, seafood, fresh fruits and snacks with bulk deals, BOGO Free deals and digital coupon offers. 

Ralphs has a BOGO Free sale that features several categories. You can discover all of them through the ad. Another mix and match sale is available on the ad. Go to pg 6 for Buy 4, Save $4 participating items such as Ore-Ida potatoes, Nature’s Path organic cereal and more. Platters and appetizers are party foods at Ralphs and you have 3 options to order. Online, phone or deli associate will help you order your favorite platter for gatherings and parties. 

Fresh meat, seafood and fruits: 

Save more on digital coupons that are all available on pg 4. Ralphs Ad has highlighted products and big savings on many products there. Use a coupon up to 5 times. There is a list of great discounts on holiday products, too. Visit pg 9 of the holiday ad for LED Lanterns, Christmas stockings, acrylic serveware, 40% discount on most products. 

Walgreens Weekly Ad 50% Off Gifts Dec 16 - 22, 2018

The new preview of the next week’s Walgreens Ad is available right now. We can browse 50% off gifts on the cover page. BOGO free deals have a great part in the ad. Many products from different categories including home products, Christmas decoration and pharmacy can be found with BOGO Free deals. In the cover page, gift wrapping and holiday toy gifts appear with the special discounts. Find these deals, coupon offers, festive snacks, Hallmark products, and more on the latest ad.