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Publix Ad 10/26 – 11/1 2016 live deals. Publix Ad offers grocery and household. Make a list of coupon matchups and save even more.

Publix Ad Latest Coupons and In-Ad Deals, Bogos, Discounts and other advantes related to the Publix stores are all available. 

In the latest ad you may certainly find something for you and total savings can be seen on the cover.

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  • B1G1 free deals on meals
  • Fresh Grocery
  • Deli & Bakery
  • Snacks
  • Household Items

Publix is one of the rare grocery stores defining healthy products and setting the trends for it. You’ll end up with the greatest amounts of savings. They serve in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

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Find great dinner ideas, Mother’s day gifts, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving meal ideas and many more goods in Publix Ads.

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Publix Weekly Ad Oct 19 – 25 2016 Halloween

Publix Ad covered Halloween deals this week. They redesigned the ad and presented cool new prices. Publix Weekly Ad Oct 19 - 25 2016 HalloweenDeli chicken tender whole sub is a good deal on this page. Its price is only $5.99. Nice value for this delightful offer. Various discounts have been named by the editors. Surprisingly low prices of Publix Ad for example, Publix baby cut carrots can be purchased for $3 for 2. One weighs 1 lb. Publix Weekly Ad Oct 19 – 25 2016 Halloween deals are all featured. Seek for what you exactly need in Publix Weekly ad Oct 19 – 25 2016 and I am sure you will find it.

Explore more of Halloween candies and spooky deals :

Halloween accessories 25% off
Maris miniatures mix B1G1 Free
Hershey’s chocolate candy bars B1G1 Free
Large pumpkins 2/$10
Wrigley’s Halloween candy B1G1 Free
Horizon Organic Fruit Snacks B1G1 Free
Pulix Deli honey and banana roll-up platter $12.99

A new recipe by Publix Ad has been prepared for you. Check out pg 3 for the recipe of “roasted tomato and feta cubed steak saute” which is delightful meal that can be cooked in 45 min. Containing seafood and meat meals like white shrimp, NY strip steak, beef cubed steak, mussels Publix dinner ideas can be one of the options you will be finding as great deals on pg 4. Medium Lobster Tails can be purchased for $6.99 for 4.75 oz. of them.

Publix Fresh Grocery

A really good product range from the motherland farms. The taste of Fall comes with the best prices of Publix. B1G1 free deals, price drops are appearing on the new ad. Golden ripe pineapple chunks, red seedless grapes, Mango and simply orange juice are among the products.

B1G1 Free Golden Ripe pineapple chunks Save $4.99 lb.
Bartlett pears $1.29 lb.
Campari Tomatoes B1G1 Free Save $3.99
Fresh Attitude salad 2/$4
Litehouse dressing B1G1 Free

Deli and Bakery Sale

Publix delivers the new PublixDeli range on pg 8-9. Highlighted offers like Pumpkin pie as a seasonal product can be seen. Explore more of the delicious bakery and deli products of Publix. They are always favorites besides their prices never struggle anyone’s budget.

Publix Deli 20-pce hot&spicy chicken wings $8.99
Publix Deli cuban sandwich $3.99
Publix Deli Italian pecorino romano cheese $7.99 lb.
Boar’s Head EverRoast roasted chicken breast $7.99 lb.

French bread $1.99 12 oz.
Mini Croissant 13-ct. $3.49
Gourmet Pecan cinnamon buns, 4-ct. $4.99
Assorted donuts 4-ct. $2.49

Publix Weekly Ad Oct 12 – 18 2016

Publix did a fantastic work again. This week’s sale has the best possible arrangement and price range for almost every customer online visiting for quality stuff to bring their home. Publix Weekly ad Oct 12 – 18 2016 is exactly the place to seek for quality meat, dinner, lunch and breakfast ideas. Publix Weekly Ad Oct 12 - 18 2016Also pharmacy, personal care, dental care, beauty and health products are of what generally Publix offers within regular schedule.

Publix premium breaded shrimp $7.99
Ribeye steaks $8.99 lb.
Publix russet potatoes $2.99
Key lime pie $7.29
Salmon select cuts $5.99

Are some of the good examples that you will be finding as highlighted on the ad. BOGO Free has its name meaningfully in the Publix ads. Publix Greenwise split chicken breast is a pretty damn deal on that pg 4. Publix whole chicken is only $1.19 lb.

Consumption of fresh produce grows parallel to your healthy life constant on daily basis. Improve your standards for breakfast, lunch with quality food and support your health obviously.

Pie pumpkins $.99 lb.
Large Ambrosia apples $1.99 lb.
Asparagus $2.99 lb.
Bartlett, red, or bosc pears $.99 lb.

Large granny smith apples $1.69 lb.
Baguette $1.89 8oz.
6-pk woodchuck hard cider $8.99
Publix deli domestic brie cheese $6.99 lb.

Snacking is your way to spend time effectively and joyful. Find all the favorite snacks to spend your time with quality. Now it’s easier to get them from the ads because of the BOGOs !

Those small creamy and crunchy biscuits that are perfect with milk or coffee are the best solution if you don’t have something to eat:

* Oreo cookies 2/$6 – 8.5 oz.

I personally hate crackers. But whenever I see a BOGO deal for Ritz cracker I can’t help it:

* Nabisco ritz crackers BOGO Free deal will save $2.99

More like these are available on pg 11

Pepperidge Farm cookies BOGO Free $3.49
Nabisco ritz crackers BOGO Free $2.99
Lay’s Family Size potato chips BOGO Free
Coca-Cola products Buy 2 Get 1 Free

And more awesomeness are waiting for you. You may feel guilty if you skip these offers. Don’t ignore these and give them a chance at least once. For more like Publix Weekly Ad Oct 12 – 18 2016 you may check out other category pages.

Publix Ad Cleaning Items Oct 5 – 11 2016

Publix Ad Cleaning items can be seen on the pg 14 of the last week’s ad. Find generous pricing and saving within current sale of the retailer. Pedigree food for dogs, Bounty quilted napkins, paper towels and like-class products have been contained in the ad.Publix Ad Cleaning Items Oct 5 - 11 2016

Pedigree Food for Dogs $5 off
Milk-bone dog biscuits 2/$6
Kibbles’n bits dog food BOGO Free
Fresh step cat litter $7.99
9Lives cat food BOGO Free

Are the pet care products from the ad. Moreover some good chemicals you love and high quality paper towels are also possible to see.

Assorted ultra downy fabric softener $5.99
Solo Heavy Duty paper plates 2/$4
Bounty Quilted napkins $4.99
Sparkle paper towels 2/$10

Puffs white facial tissue 10 for $10
Mrs. Meyer’s clean day dish soap 2/$6
Clorox disinfecting wipes 2/$7
Ziploc bags 2/$6
Glade plugins scented oil refills Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Cascade dishwasher detergent $3.99

If you are ran out of baby care, baby feeding products, some home essentials and similar categories check pg 15. Only quality and leading brands are usually featured on the regular Publix ads.

Duracell batteries 25% off
Sprout organic baby food 10 for $10
Pampers or Luvs boxed diapers $3 off
Pampers wipes $1 off
Gerber good start formula powder $6 off
Scott unscented bathroom tissue $7.99

Stock up sale of Publix is on the final page. If you are interested check out the preview.

Publix Ad Pharmacy Oct 5 – 11 2016

Publix Ad Pharmacy Oct 5 – 11 2016 Suave essentials shampoo, aleve pain reliever, multivitamin, anti-perspirant deodorant, Ensure nutritional products and many more items are featured in the ad. Dental care offers as well as medicinal purposed pharmacy products have been included by the new Publix Ad.Publix Ad Pharmacy Oct 5 - 11 2016

Colgate MaxFresh toothpaste 2/$4
ACT total care mouthwash $3.49
Suave Essentials shampoo 3/$5
Aleve pain reliever 2/$7

Arm & Hammer anti-perspirant deodorant BOGO Free
Ensure Nutritional products $5 off
Centrum multivitamin/multimineral supplement $5 off
Allegra Allergy medicine $17.99
Alka-seltzer antacid $3.99
Tampax pearl tampons $6.99

L’Oreal age perfect facial products $3 off
Gold Bond ultimate lotion $6.99

Also find pet care products, bathroom towels, and cleaning supplies on pg 14. Clorox disinfecting wipes, Sparkle paper towels are featured items on that selection.

Publix Weekly Ad October 5 – 11 2016

Stuffed peppers are really practical and quickie appetizers and you may find the recipe of it on pg 2.Publix Weekly Ad October 5 - 11 2016 Publix Weekly Ad October 5 – 11 2016 is one of the recently published ads containing general food and home products. On pg 4-5 dive into the world of seafood and meat meals. Chicken drumsticks or thighs are on sale by $1.69 lb. Turkey, smithfield, cooked entrees, salmon fillets, tuna steaks, white shrimp are among the featured deals of Publix on this page.

Seafood cook-in-bag dinners offers different ideas. Cook-in-bag mediterranean tilapia dinner has been priced only $8.99 ! Dinner ideas have no limits in lowering the price. Various side dishes and main course can be found on pg 5 of the ad.

Fresh fruit&veg which has been focused on Fall’s seasonal products can be seen on pg 6&7. As a general ad it offers regularly tomatoes, grapes for fair prices but this week Bartlett pears and red or bosc pears are specially on sale as Fall’s products. $.99 lb is the only price you need to pay for pears.

Publix Deli offers like rotisserie chicken, gouda cheese, Italian sandwich are your quickie food in your fridge. Take a look at the richness in the wide range.

BOGO deals of snacks and packaged food on pg 10-13:

Hellmann’s mayonnaise save $4.99
Northland 100% juice blend BOGO Free save $3.99
General Mills cheerios cereal BOGO Free
CapriSun organic juice drink blend BOGO Free save $4.99
Powerade sports drink BOGO Free save $1.33
Wish-bone dressing save $3.19

And many more products can be yours for the prices shown in the ad.