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Publix is one of the rare grocery stores defining healthy products and setting the trends for it. You’ll end up with the greatest amounts of savings. They serve in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

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Publix Ad Grocery Deals Feb 15 – 21 2017

New deals by Publix Ad in the grocery aisle are heavily embellished with bogo deals.Publix Ad Grocery Deals Feb 15 - 21 2017 From cereals to your favorite cookies all the things were covered by Publix. If you are into shopping for regular needs at the moment, check out the list of bogo savings by Publix weekly ad February 15 – 21 2017.

As you remember, this week’s subject matter was Italian food. The theme of Italian cuisine is spread all over the catalog. Cheese variety from the mediterranean lands, beautiful appetizers from bakery sale are also among the savory deals.

This list only shows bogos but there are more than that.

On pg 10 you will find brilliant deals for breakfast food.

This week’s beverage is also really good deal. Check out pg 11 for the details of beverage and snacks. You can get the details on pg 11. 8 pk Pepsi (12 oz. bottles) is a BOGO free ! Save $4.99 with this deal !

Bogo deals on pg 11-12

Tombstone Pizza – save $8.39
Nestlé Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches – save $5.49
So Delicious Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert – save $5.49
Hungry-Man Dinners – save $3.99

Dannon Greek yogurt is B1G1 Free Deal ! You may find even more deals on Publix Weekly Ad. Beware of the deals via subscription to this category.

Publix Weekly Ad Italian Food February 15 – 21 2017

Inspiring work by Publix Ad featuring Italian food ideas, savings, extraordinary products is currently what’s hot this week.Publix Weekly Ad Italian Food February 15 - 21 2017 Seafood, fresh produce, quick meals, sit-down food and many more products are available in this range. Publix Weekly Ad Italian Food February 15 – 21 2017 deals can be browsed via this post. If you want to cook Italian check out cover page. If you want to cook like an Italian I cannot help you here. You must go to a real master to submit yourself. They are dedicated to the cooking art.

More of bogo deals from Publix will be your option on pg 2. 8 more bogo deals are featured. Bread, olive oil and more products must be in your inventory if you want to cook something from Italian cuisine.

Read the recipe of Marsala chicken on pg 3. Publix Italian dinner like fettucini, and details of Viva Italian tasting event can be read on pg 4. Save with even more bogo deals of this ad. You can easily reach all these items.

Publix Ad Valentine’s Day 2017

This is the last deals by Publix for Valentine’s Day. If you have not prepared yet, there are pretty cool offers and ideas in this ad.Publix Ad Valentine's Day 2017 On cover page, cookies, chocolate and red rose bouquets are available. You can also find a recipe of “steak and shrimp with sauce” on pg 3. So instructions are easy. All you need is available for fair prices at Publix. If you don’t prefer a dinner with your partner many other alternatives to celebrate this day are possible. Don’t seek an adventure in Valentine’s Day. Let you and your partner live the moments. Share the love. Notice the beauty of life.

– Buy 2 tickets to a concert, play, movie or an event which bot you will enjoy.
– Give your gift at the beginning of the date. Don’t let the material take big place in this night. Feeling the night with solely emotions is really important.
– Before the event, take her/him to a nice place to eat, or alternatively, prepare a dinner for your lover. That’s a classic and nice gesture. (steak and shrimp is a light and romantic meal).
– Choosing the drink is one of the key points here. Some drinks will turn both of you on and lead to a whole another level of romantism. Search for the best drink you need.
– During the event and dinner don’t talk about the problems, life or work. Just share the silence. Allow yourself to get deep in her/his eyes. Listen to a relaxing love music.

All these will enstrength the link between you and who knows what it will lead. In just a small part of these steps, Publix supports you to get quality products. Below you may see what is on sale at Publix Ad Valentine’s Day 2017 sale.

Bogo Deals Publix Ad Feb 8 – 14 2017

Bogo deals are among the most profitable deals of all weekly ads. Bogo Deals Publix Ad Feb 8 - 14 2017Publix prepared a list of bogos on pg 10 consisting of cereals, breakfast food, canned food, treats, snacks, chocolates and many more. On pg 10-12 there are also bogos of convenient food including pizza, entrees and side dishes. Consider these regular products that must be in your fridge or food storage. They are generally snacks on pg 10. Since dozens of bogos are in the content, it’s better for you to browse these pages to get all details and products.

B1G1 free:

Eight O’ clock coffee – save $4.43
General Mills Cinnamon toast crunch cereal
Quaker Instant Oatmeal – save $2.97
Duncan Hines Cake or Pie Mix – save $3.99
Duncan Hines Decadent Brownie Mix – save $3.99
Crystal Light Drink – save $2.99
StarKist Tuna – save $6.79
Hormel Premium Chicken Breast – save $2.79
Del Monte Vegetables 10/$10

That’s not all. Pg 10 contains more bogo deals. Check out pg 11-12 for Pepsi products. That’s a Buy 2 Get 1 free deal. You can get Nabisco Oreo cookies for only 2/$6 ! Publix is a heaven when it comes to finding bogo deals.

Nabisco Variety Pack Cookies or Crackers – save $6.49
Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Bread or Buns – save $3.99
Keebler Tray Packs – save $5.99
12-pk polar seltzer water – save $4.39

Boston Market Home Style Meals – save $4.69
Kellogg’s Eggo Pancakes – save $2.99
Chobani Greek Yogurt – save $5.69
Jennie-O Turkey Burgers – save $8.99

Bogo deals are also available on pharmacy, personal care and hair products on pg 13. Please subscribe and get future Publix posts in your e-mail.

Publix Weekly Ad Valentine’s Day Feb 8 – 14 2017

Valentine’s Day emotion mixed a little amount spirit and a nice choice of chocolate will give you perfect moments to live with your lover. This is Publix Weekly Ad Valentine’s Day Feb 8 – 14 2017 price list and it will be so useful for you.Publix Weekly Ad Valentine's Day Feb 8 - 14 2017

Publix offers whatever you need this week. Chocolate chip cookie, chocolate boxes are featured. Price by this store doesn’t surprise me. Reasonable as always. A recipe of steak and shrimp with sauce could be a good idea of dinner. Embellish your night with a lot of blossoms. On pg 6, bouquets and orchid are in list. You see, there could be many ideas derived from these products. For example with the whipped topping and strawberries really good looking love food can be created. Don’t snack, instead, prefer fresh products and protect your fitness. Similarly bakery products are featured too. Pie variety, delicious cakes and more.

Plenty of bogo deals appearing in the ad will be saving, savory, simple. This week is yours to get the most profit out of your weekly shopping.

Publix Premium 20-Stem Bouquet $14.99 pg 6
Phalaenopsis Love Orchid $19.99
One Dozen Rose Vase Arrangement $39.99

Chocolate Ganache Supreme Cake $19.99
Decorated Cupcakes, 6-Count $3.99

Many more products are availabe in this Publix ad. Also read future posts to read about more deals from this ad.