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Thanksgiving Food Deals by Publix Ad. 
Publix Ad Fresh produce deals ends in Nov 24 2016

Publix Ad Latest Coupons and In-Ad Deals, Bogos, Discounts and other deals related to the Publix stores are all available. 

In the latest ad you may certainly find something for you and total savings can be seen on the cover.

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  • B1G1 free deals on meals
  • Fresh Grocery
  • Deli & Bakery
  • Snacks
  • Household Items

Publix is one of the rare grocery stores defining healthy products and setting the trends for it. You’ll end up with the greatest amounts of savings. They serve in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

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Find great dinner ideas, Mother’s day gifts, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving meal ideas and many more goods in Publix Ads.

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Publix Weekly Ad Food Deals Jan 18 – 24 2017

Publix Weekly Ad 18 – 24 2017 has been published and it announced new price range for the food, snacks, fresh grocery, organic food, pantry, deli and bakery.Publix Weekly Ad Food Deals Jan 18 - 24 2017 Publix is awesome and it’s the largest grocery retailer across the whole country. On pg 1-2 savings like $10 off when you purchase $50 gas card have been featured. On cover page you can reach the price information of these products:

Boneless top sirloin steaks $4.99 lb. – save $2 LB
Vita cold smoked salmon B1G1 Free
Publix Deli 3-pce chicken tenders $2.99
Screamin’ Sicilian pizza co. pizza B1G1 Free
Publix premium salad kit B1G1 Free
Mini Croissants, 13-ct. $3.99

Dinner and lunch meals that could be browsed on pg 5-6. Salmon fillets, shrimps, NY Strip steak and many more savory products were listed on pg 5-6.

Extra Large White shrimp $7.99 lb.
Publix Greenwise Angus NY Strip steaks $9.99 lb.
Publix stuffed boneless chicken breast $6.69 lb.
Fresh Tilapia fillets $6.99 lb.
Trans Ocean surimi B1G1 Free – save $2.99 lb.

Publix premium chicken fillets B1G1 Free – save $5.89 lb.
Reser’s Main st. Bistro baked sides B1G1 Free

Natural, squeezy, appetizing and healthy fresh produce by Publix Ad that are available on pg 7-8 including strawberries, pineapple, apples, orange juice, avocados. Cheese variety, deli products and bakery items might be also of your interest. Check out details of Publix ad on pg 9-10.

Snacks, bogo deals and more on pg 11-12.

B1G1 Free Deals:
New England Coffee – save $7.69
Quaker Cap’N crunch cereal – save $4.89
Quaker Chewy Granola bars – save $2.45
V8 100% Vegetable juice – save $2.79
Sun-Maid raisins – save $2.79

Ocean spray 100% juice blend – save $3.25
Vlasic pickles – save $3.49
Maruchan yakisoba Japanese noodles – save $1.17
Blue plate Mayonnaise – save $3.15
Bush’s Best beans – save $1.95
Wish-bone dressing – save $3.29
Barilla pasta – save $1.47
Gia Russa select pasta sauce – save $5.99

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Publix Weekly Ad Food Deals Jan 15 – 21 2017

View -latest product range of Publix Weekly Ad Food Deals Jan 15 – 21 2017 which contains bogo deals, snacks, beverage, your favourite party size products and delicious meals for lunch and dinner. Publix Weekly Ad Food Deals Jan 15 - 21 2017On pg 2, some packaged products are being listed. Ice cream, hummus, convenient food are some of the products you can browsed on that page. Super Bowl snacks were displayed on pg 3.

Top Deals of Publix Ad

Check out all the deals through the lists below. They tried to bring the most efficient way of shopping and saving method for you. The largest supermarket chain of the country can offer you more than you expect.

Cover Page Deals

Some of the good deals are highlighted on the cover page.

Publix baby cut carrots 2/$3
Boneless chuck pot roast B1G1 Free – save $6.49 lb.
Key lime pie $6.99
Publix Deli traditional Greek salad $5.99
Cook-in-bag shrimp dinner $7.99
General Mills Cheerios cereal B1G1 Free

Mixture of discounts on pg 2 can be a source for you to seek for the cheese, dinner packaged products.

Kraft macaroni & cheese dinner $.89
Healthy oatmeal bites $4.29
Keebler crackers 2/$5
Eternal Spring Water B1G1 Free
Publix premium ice cream 2/$7
Dial hand soap 10/$10
Purex laundry detergent 2/$10.99
Arnold sandwich thins rolls B1G1 Free

You can’t think of a Super Bowl in Houston without the best snacks and beverage. publix ad snacks super bowl li jan 15 - 21 17Publix offers the best prices for the awesome brands you like. Don’t miss out this Super Bowl with having no goods from Publix. This will be the third Super Bowl that will take place in Houston. You may watch it on Fox. It’s the 51th Super Bowl game !

Lay’s Potato chips 2/$5 pg 3
Lay’s Kettle cooked potato chips 2/$5
6-pk Pepsi products B1G1 Free
Aquafina pure water $3.99
Lipton tea Buy 2 Get 1 Free
M&M’s chocolate candies 2/$6
Tostitos Tortilla chips 2/$6
Pepsi products Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Lunch and Dinner

Fish, seafood, meat, chicken, turkey, steak, beef, meatballs, packaged, dry or whatever the style you like. publix lunch dinner jan 15 - 21 17Publix Ad has a deal for you. Also Greenwise products with no harmful ingredients are featured on the pg 5-6. You have more than snacks for the Super Bowl LI ! Packaged salads, side dishes may help you to guest your friends. Check some prices below.

Publix Greenwise whole chicken $1.99 lb. pg 5
Publix Greenwise chicken breast $4.99 lb.
Gracious grits B1G1 Free
Publix Swai fillets B1G1 Free save $7.99

Porterhouse or t-bone steaks $7.99 lb.
Oscar Mayer Franks B1G1 Free
Cooked perfect meatballs B1G1 Free – save $7.99

Fresh Produce, Crisps, Winter Specials

There is a beauty in everyday. After harvesting season of some fresh produce that you can see on the Publix ad, they bring the most fresh ones for you. Also join with other players at Big Game tasting event at Publix ! Philly beef, cheese dip will be tasted on Jan 14 11:00 am.

Old El Paso Green Chiles B1G1 Free – save $1.49 pg 7
Publix salad blend 2/$5
Ready pac Bistro salad 3/$10
Blushes tomatoes 2/$5

Publix cantaloupe chunks B1G1 Free – save $3.49 lb. pg 8
Strawberries, Blueberries, or Red raspberries 2/$6

Bakery Products

Discover these appetizing European and American bakery products on pg 9-10. It’s one of the most beautiful range of this ad.

Publix deli barbecue rotisserie chicken $5.99 – save $1.40 pg 9
Publix Deli popcorn chicken $2.99 – save $1
Party-tizers dippin’ chips B1G1 Free

Italian Pizza Dough $1.99 pg 10
Mini Cookie Bites, 14-Count $3.99

See bogos on pg 11-13. Lots of them have been included by Publix.

Publix Ad Non-Foods Jan 4 – 10 2017

Medicare Part D members can get cheaper pharmacy service from Publix.Publix Ad Non-Foods Jan 4 - 10 2017 When you are 65 consider switching your insurance plan. With this Medicare Part D you can get some free hospital care. Also you will not be under obligation to cancel your current health insurance of work if you are not retired. To see Medicare Plans and their advantages or disadvantages for you, check out the official pages to get information.

Publix pharmacy, household products, personal care and cleaning supplies are possible to browse starting on pg 13. Check out some medical supplies and personal care on pg 13:

Advil pain medicine 40 ct. $7.99
Ensure nutritional products $5 off
Centrum multivitamin/multimineral supplement $5 off
Nexium 24 HR acid reducer $23.99

Tampax pearl tampons $3.99
Always discreet underwear $11.99
Old spice anti-perspirant & deodorant $3.99
Crest pro-health advanced toothpaste $3.99

Household Products and General Cleaning Supplies

These products are available on pg 14. You should check out all these deals if you want to save more on the cleaning, home and pet food. Great BOGO deals are also possible to find.

Purina fancy feast cat food B1G1 Free – save $9.69
Purina Tidy cats cat litter B1G1 Free – save $9.69
Whiskas temptations treats for cats B1G1 Free – save $1.79
Pedigree Dentastix snack food fod Dogs B1G1 Free – save $9.59

All laundry detergent B1G1 Free – save $5.99
Palmolive dish liquid B1G1 Free – save $2.75
Hefty Everyday white foam plates B1G1 Free – save $4.99

Publix Weekly Ad Food Deals January 4 – 10 2017

Publix Ad has been published today. It contains new savory products for dinner and lunch. Publix Weekly Ad Food Deals January 4 - 10 2017Moreover, it’s the top one in the business of dropping prices. You don’t have to go seek for some place different than Publix if you live in Florida because they got all the things you need at proper prices. The Publix Stores are among the best 100 places to work for.

Not only their ads are published to help you save more but also they got a huge coupon range. They have deals for manufacturer’s coupons and online coupons. At Publix stores you can use more than one coupon for the same item. With this opportunity you can even get free items. They are really competitive in couponing bussiness.

Top Deals of Publix Ad Jan 4 – 10

In food retail, Publix has really good standards. There are codes on the food items in aisles of Publix stores. They show whether the product is organic, artificial and so on. In this week Publix has great food deals again. Check out pg 6-7 for the fresh produce, deli and bakery on pg 8-9, Bogo deals of snacks on pg 10-11.

B1G1 Free Publix boneless skinless chicken breast $4.69 LB.
B1G1 Free eat smart vegetables – save $2.50 LB.
B1G1 Free fresh express salad blend – save $3.99 LB.
B1G1 Free Ocean spray juice cocktail B1G1

Fresh Produce

Fresh seasonal food by Publix Ad at lowered prices. Check out the details of the product range on pg 6&7.

Tree-ripened peaches or nectarines $2.99 lb.
Pazazz apples $2.49 lb.
Red seedless grapes $2.99 lb.
Blueberries or Florida strawberries 2/$6
Mango 4/$5
Cantaloupe or Honeydew 2/$4

B1G1 Free Publix prepared squash – save $2.99 LB.
Florida grown tomatoes $.99 lb.
B1G1 Free Mini sweet peppers – save $2.99

Fresh Produce and Healthy Food

Yogurt, chicken and mediterranean tastes are featured items. Publix stores offer a premium quality service for all customers. Florida’s one of the most profitable and largest chain of retailer is at your service.

Flatout bread B1G1 Free – save $4.69
Grecian Delight Greek yogurt dip 2/$6
Publix Deli lemon pepper rotisserie chicken $6.49
Publix deli quiche $1.99
Publix Deli Rotisserie chicken dinner $4.49
Crumbled blue cheese $2.49 – save $.50

Bakery products like French bread, 4-count Hoagie rolls and Angel food cake are also available. Don’t skip this ad 🙂 !

Publix Weekly Ad Christmas Deals 2016 | Dec 14 – 24 2016

Merry Christmas ! Publix offers a large product range consisting of a list from Christmas meat to recipes. Publix Weekly Ad Christmas Deals 2016With this ad it’s really easy to reach delicious, healthy and cheap products that you love. Top brands of chocolates and traditional Christmas sweets have also been contained by this weekly ad. Publix Weekly Ad Christmas Deals 2016 that is valid on Dec 14 – 24 can be browse on the preview page. On pg 13-18 you can see entire list of the bogo deals on snacks, dairy, breakfast and favorite soda packs like coke or Sprite. Some advantages are waiting for you in-store or online by Publix:

– Recipe of rib roast, caprese-potato bake, sauteed spinach and garlic are available on pg 2.
– Check out flower bouquets on sale by Publix.
$10 off Visa Gift Card ($50) -for $50 purchase in groceries.

Highlights of Publix Weekly Ad Christmas Deals 2016

If you want to do a regular shopping it’s simple with Publix and you will be saving more than previous weeks since it’s Christmas. The top quality you knew from classic Publix ads are already in this ad but you can find more bogo deals, Christmas specials and party snacks.

Holiday Prices for Fantastic Meals

With the new range of Publix ad you will have an inspiring perspective through the Christmas guesting. Check out new deals of Publix for that on pg 6.

Extra Large White shrimp $7.99 lb. pg 6
Ground chuck Publix Beef 3-lb or more $3.49 lb
Small Lobster Tails 2/$10 $3.98/2
Publix premium mussels B1G1 Free – save $5.99

Publix young turkey $.79 lb. pg 7
Whole beef tenderloin $10.99 lb – save $2 lb.
Ribeye steaks $8.99 lb.
Hillshire smoked sausage B1G1 Free 12-14 oz. save $3.99
Nathan’s Famous skinless beef Franks B1G1 Free – save $5.69

Fresh Produce, Bakery and Deli

You can get holiday gifts from this section. Prepare flowers for your kin and present the best fresh food from Publix. On pg 9 get fresh fruits and special sweets on pg 10. Christmas special prices of the cakes, cream pies, cheesecake, etc.

Pumpkin pie 24-30 oz. $3.99 pg 10
Apple or Dutch Apple pie $3.99 32-34 oz. $3.99
Chocolate Ganache Supreme Cake $19.99 – save $4
Italian Five Grain bread $2.99

Publix Deli small chicken tender platter $19.99
Publix Deli Cubanitos platter $19.99 – save $5
Publix Deli round pumpernickel with dip $14.99 – save $5

More of these and Bogo deals are available in the ad. Keep following this page to beware of the new posts.