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Publix Ad Fresh produce deals ends in Nov 24 2016

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Publix is one of the rare grocery stores defining healthy products and setting the trends for it. You’ll end up with the greatest amounts of savings. They serve in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

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Publix Weekly Ad Holiday B1G1 Free Deals Dec 7 – 13 2016

As usual, Publix Ad has many B1G1 Free deals. Shop and enjoy the second free item. Publix Weekly Ad Holiday B1G1 Free Deals Dec 7 - 13 2016Each category has these bogo deals and the ad contains meal ideas, fresh produce, bakery-deli, snacks, pantry, pharmacy, household products.

Notes from this ad :

– Save $10 with the purchase of $50 or more on iTunes
– Save $10 with the purchase of One $50 Mastercard gift card

These are the coupons from pg 15. Two great B1G1 50% off deals of pharmacy products (dietary supplements) are valid on pg 13.

– Recipe of Summer squash casserole can be read on pg 3.
– Get beautiful discounts on food for Chanukah on pg 2.
– Get the coupon of $1.00 off SeaCuisine product, 7.3 – 11 oz. box

Highlights of B1G1 Deals by Publix Ad Dec 7 – 13

Under this header we wrote the top deals of B1G1 Free or B1G1 50% off deals from each category. Remember you can always boost up your savings with the coupon matchups that you may collect from the online articles. We have been posting those articles. Seek for online bloggers who collect the e-coupons or printable coupons matching them with the in-ad deals and you will end up even more saving.

B1G1 Free – Meals of Publix Ad

On pg 4-5 there are delicious products. All of us are familiar with those. Three different deals for haddock fillets, crab clusters, mahi fillets can be seen. B1G1 Free - Meals of Publix Ad 4Whole chicken is priced at $1.19 lb. The list below shows the bogo deals from this category.

Publix Premium patagonian scallops 8-oz. – save $8.99 pg 4
Margaritaville appetizers 8-10 oz. – save $8.99
Publix beef patties – save $8.99 pg 5
Armour meatballs – $4.99

If you want to party for the match on Sunday, try the offers of snacks like Tostitos dip, Jimmy Dean sausage crumbles of Publix ad on pg 6. Fresh produce is also on the pg 6 and pg 7. Tomatoes, orange, lettuce, bananas and more.

B1G1 Deals – Snacks and Pantry

Convenient food, snacks, beverage, pantry deals, ice cream, sweets and some food ideas that could be wonderful in holiday. Stock these for holiday for much lower prices of Publix Ad Dec 7 – 13.

General Mills cheerios cereal – save $3.23 pg 10B1G1 Deals - Snacks and Pantry 10
Kraft Mayo Mayonnaise or miracle whip – save $3.49
Aunt Jemima syrup – save $4.35
Gevalia Kaffe coffee – save $8.39
Kraft Dressing – save $3.49

Cheez-It baked snack crackers – save $3.39 pg 11
Pepperidge Farm cookies – save $3.69
Coca-Cola products – save up to $1.67 / 3 – Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Hershey’s classic bags – (see details on pg 11) – save up to $4.19

GoodBelly probiotic drink – save $4.99
Mayfield ice cream – save $5.93
Betty Crocker delights brownie mix – save $2.59
Pepperidge Farm layer cake – save $4.49

These are the top deals and what you can save most with the awesome bogo deals.

Publix Pharmacy Bogos Dec 7 – 13

Don’t underestimate illness. It can harm you flawlessly. Protect yourself but don’t pay so much. For I don’t want you to pay so much I prepared a list of Bogos of Publix Pharmacy products on pg 13.

U By Kotex tampons Free with the purchase of 1 U by Kotex click or sleek tampons – save $5.19Publix Pharmacy Bogos Dec 7 - 13 13
Publix Pain relief B1G1 Free – save $8.99
Ocean Blue Professional Dietary Supplement – B1G1 50% off

B1G1 Deals – Household

Wipes, towels, bathroom needs, pet food and pet needs. These supplies will be sold at Publix with bogo deals. You must not leave them alone. You need to save more with the Publix discounts.


Kibbles ‘n bits dog food – save $4.89
FancyFeast gourmet cat food – 10/$5.90

Chemicals and Cleaning

All Laundry Detergent – save up to $5.99
Lysol Disinfecting wipes – save $4.09
Finish Automatic dishwasher detergent – save $7.09

See details about these deals on pg 14. Also more bogos can be found on pg 15. Thomas English muffins, planters peanuts, peter pan peanut butter and purex laundry detergent are also bogo free items by Publix this week.

Publix Weekly Ad Nov 30 – Dec 6 2016 Bogo Deals

Customers got a classic Publix Ad with a lot of bogo deals and 10/$10, 5/$10 or 3/$10 deals on pg 2. Publix Weekly Ad Nov 30 - Dec 6 2016 Bogo DealsBogo deals are heavily valid on special meal ideas, snacks, pantry and frozen products. Publix Weekly Ad Nov 30 – Dec 6 2016 sale offers rare prices for favorite products like 7UP, Greek yogurt, planters peanuts, Michael Angelo’s entrees, and many more.

While glancing over, read the recipe and take notes for a delicious pasta. The recipe is readable on pg 3. This week’s outstanding meal variety was presented on pg 4-5. Don’t spend so much time on searching for suitable prices or quality. You don’t need anything else if you have a Publix Ad this week.

Publix Ad Deals on pg 2

Fage Greek yogurt 10/$10
Chapstick lip moisturizer 10/$10
Pillsbury cake mix 10/$10
Shrimp Skewers 10/$10

Planters peanuts 5/$10
Pepperidge Farm cookies 5/$10
6-pk assorted Canada,DRY, 7UP, or A&W 5/$10
Weight Watchers snacks 5/$10

Michael Angelo’s entrees 3/$10
MorningStar Farms veggie entree 3/$10
Dannon Greek yogurt 3/$10
Publix Premium mussels 3/$10

My favorite part of each Publix ad is the pg 4-5. Delicious meals are always at Publix stores. Check out bogo free deals of this product range:

Bush’s Best cocina Latina beans B1G1 Free pg 4
Publix chicken leg quarters B1G1 Free
Perdue short cuts chicken breast B1G1 Free

Mama Lucia meatballs B1G1 Free pg 5
Publix Golden ripe pineapple chunks B1G1 Free pg 6

Entire product list of Fresh produce dept. can be seen on pg 6&7. Special holiday cheese variety by Publix deli on pg 8. It’s awesome to have these ! Don’t forget to see all the cheese products of holidays.

Publix deli imported Dutch vintage gouda cheese $12.99 lb.
Publix Deli Vintage cheddar cheese $9.99 lb.
Publix Deli Medley seasoned olives $4.99

The real bogo deals of this ad are available on pg 10-11. Snacks, beverage, breakfast, packaged, dry and sauces are mostly bogo deals on these pages. Please check out the preview for detailed information.

Publix Weekly Ad Nov 25 – 29 2016 Deals

A lot of B1G1 free deals and great savings on the food you love can be browsed in the ad. Publix Weekly Ad Nov 25 - 29 2016 DealsThis is the largest grocery ad that we have for the period of Nov 25 – 29. Fill your pantry with all these products. It’s possible to do it through this one. Publix offers a lot of goods for you. A new special Bogo deal has been brought by this Publix Weekly Ad Nov 25 – 29 2016 on pg 2. Plenty of favorite products are featured. Check it out:

A.I. Sauce $4.29 saving
Baileys Coffee creamer $3.39 saving
Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup $3.35 saving
Annie’s organic bunny fruit snacks $4.49 saving
JC’s Pie pops frozen cream dessert $4.59 saving
12-pack polar seltzer water $4.39 saving

A new recipe is also available in the ad. Learn how to make “spiced cranberry meatballs” by Publix Ad. Check out pg 3 for that recipe. Rare deals for quality food of Publix can be browsed on pg 4-5. Seafood, meat meals are two major category of the dinner and lunch meals of the ad.

Cook-in-bag shrimp ‘N Grits dinner $7.99
Publix chicken drumsticks or thighs – low price – $1.69 lb.
Salmon select cuts – $5.99

For more meat meals please check out pg 5. Rich side dish list was also included. On pg 8-9, you can also find deli and bakery special deals. B1G1 free snacks, beverage and pantry are another sale. If you want to reduce this week’s grocery shopping, Publix is the one for you. While it gives you the quality, it also helps you save more on your favorite stuff.

B1G1 Free Deals on pg 10-11

De Cecco pasta $1.99 saving
Mid’s pasta sauce $4.79 saving
Uncle Ben’s converted rice $7.41 saving
Pace Chunky salsa or picante sauce $3.49 saving
Assorted Post Honey bunches of oats cereal $3.20 saving

Keebler Tray packs $5.99 saving
HALF PRICE Tomas’ English muffins or bagels – low price
Kettle Brand potato chips B1G1 Free $3.89 saving
Coca-cola products – Buy 2 Get 1 Free

If you need stuff for your dog or cat, go to pg 14 for B1G1 Free deals. A special range of deals for natural food and three digital coupons are also drawing attention on pg 16. Find more stuff browsing the ad. Subscribe this category for the next Publix Ad in your inbox !

Thanksgiving Food Publix Ad Nov 16 – 22 2016

You can’t approve any deffect in your table when you prepare yourself and your soul for supper. Thanksgiving Food Publix Ad Nov 16 - 22 2016Defectless meat and seafood products can be found on pg 6-7. As usual, Publix ad has got a brilliant delicious good looking things in for you. Don’t skip any of these deals to save more and get the top quality. Seafood, meat and vegan meals await in-store. Publix Premium spiral ham, lobster tails, steaks and similar products can be seen.

Publix offers Buy 2 Get 1 Free medium lobster tails on pg 6. Another great deal is simply potatoes mashed potatoes priced at 2/$5 ! Lunch and dinner meat products from the top brands are what you can find in the ad. It’s got really easier to find splendid natural food in ads for Thanksgiving. If you are in search for gifts, holiday decor, electronics, amusing things while saving more check out the Black Friday ads that are the most saving ads in the entire year.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free Medium lobster tails – Save $11.99
Colossal White shrimp $9.99 lb. – Save $4 LB
Fresh Tilapia fillets $6.99 lb.
Publix Medium shrimp platter $10.99
Publix premium mussels B1G1 Free – Save $5.99

Ribeye Steaks $8.99 lb.
Lean Ground beef $4.49 lb.
Publix Premium chicken cutlets $4.49 lb.

Standing rib roast $7.99 lb. – Save $3.00 LB
Reser’s Side dishes B1G1 Free – Save $3.79

Beef, Oscar Mayer products and more on pg 7,

Publix Fresh Turkey $1.69 lb.
Whole beef tenderloin $10.99 lb. – Save $2.00
Sirloin top roast $3.99 lb.
Jimmy Dean sausage 2/$6
Simply Potatoes – mashed potatoes 24 oz. 2/$5

Publix Weekly Ad Thanksgiving Deals Nov 16 – 24 2016

Happy Thanksgiving ! Be thankful this year with the premium quality products of Publix. Publix Weekly Ad Thanksgiving Deals Nov 16 - 24 2016From turkeys to sweets of bakery department you will find a remarkable product range to browse through this weekly ads. Not only Publix has these products but also other supermarkets, we generally post reviews about, offer such nice items for Thanksgiving. Moreover early in-ad Black Friday deals and ads of these stores have been published in the category page.

A refreshing and highly vitamin, mineral containing meal recipe by Publix Ad has been published on pg 2. In fact three great recipes are readable on this page. Lemon Brussels Sprouts and Rotini and white cheese sauce. That cheese sauce makes your pasta a delicious, salutary main meal. You may prefer pasta as your main course for dinner. Since these recipes were prepared by professional squad, I think it’s better to choose these rather than blog sites. In most cases internet doesn’t help you in the best way in terms of instructions to get best results from cooking. Recipe of roasted winter vegetable salad is also a healthy meal serving 6. Necessary ingredients to make these happened are being sold in Publix stores advertised on this ad. This is what you may find interesting in Publix Weekly Ad Thanksgiving Deals Nov 16 – 24 2016;

Publix Brussels sprouts 2/$5
Bertolli sauce B1G1 Free
Sargento shredded cheese B1G1 Free 6 Cheese Italian, chef blend
Publix Baby cut carrots 2/$3

Of course there are numerous more. Browse the ad for more.

Food is what increase the pleasure of parties. If you plan to give party this year, which I believe majority of you do, platters may help you by their looks and taste. Platters may be divided into several categories with their availability in this ad. Fruit, seafood, cheese and dairy, bakery platters are currently available at Publix stores. Check out prices of these on pg 5:

Publix Deli fresh fruit & cheese $39.99
Small Captain’s choice shrimp platter $19.99
Publix Deli antipasti mini platter $9.99
European specialties platter $30.99
Decadent dessert platter $26.99

In this ad you will find dinner and lunch meals, fresh produce, original bakery products, deli meat, dairy products, B1G1 free snacks and beverage deals, fully cooked dinner on pg 20 and other supplies that are probably needs of yours for a week. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving !