10/$10 Sale Kroger Ad Feb 15 - 21 2017

One of the deals from latest Kroger Weekly Ad can be seen on pg 5. 10 for 10 Sale Kroger Ad Feb 15 21 2017Kroger Ad Feb 15 - 21 2017" width="219" height="412" srcset=" 219w, 159w" sizes="(max-width: 219px) 100vw, 219px" />Mix and Match sale provided a list of food, snacks and beverage products that are available for $10 for 10 of participating items. And you even don't have to buy 10 items to pay $1 for each. Among these products your favorite brands like Chobani, Rockstar, Campbell's, Colgate and more are featured. Energy drinks, lifewater and sparkling ice are 10/$10 at Kroger. You can also find Roasrita refried beans or La costena whole jalapeno peppers for the same price.

Bumble Bee tuna or lunch kits 10/$10
Horizon milk singles 10/$10
Oscar Mayer lunchables 10/$10
Rockstar Energy Drink or snapple tea 10/$10

Kroger bread 10/$10
Kroger vegetables 10/$10
Chobani Greek yogurt 10/$10
Chex mix snack mix 10/$10
Kraft Macaroni & cheese 10/$10

Kroger saltine crackers 10/$10
Kroger Tortilla Chips 10 oz or Kroger Popcorn, 4-5 oz. 10/$10
Comforts Fragrance Free Baby Wipes 10/$10
Colgate Toothpaste 4 oz or Plus Toothbrush, 1 ct 10/$10
Renuzit Air Freshener 7 oz or Home Sense Glass or Multi Surface Cleaner, 32 fl oz 10/$10
Dial Liquid Hand Soap 10/$10

Visit pg 5 for the details of all products from this range.

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