Acme Weekly Ad Sale Mar 10 - 16, 2023

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Lock up those expired coupons and leave the worries behind at home; Acme’s Weekly Ad Sale offers a wide selection of fresh produce which will have your healthy week sorted. Feeling hungry for some greens to add to your sandwiches or a crave-quencher like some delicious fruits? Acme definitely has you covered with no exception! With triple rewards on participating gourmet goods when you make your purchase, this is ultimately your chance to stock up on produce – guiltless, as well as pocketing additional savings. So, lace up those shopping shoes and rock n' roll away with some goodness from Acme.

Fresh Produce Deals You Don't Want to Miss in Acme Weekly Ad Sale Mar 10 - 16, 2023

For just $1, you can stock up all the best fresh produce at your premier grocery chain! Red Radishes, Garlic, Navel Oranges, Mangos and more - these deals are too good to resist. Take advantage of this opportunity to be inventive in the kitchen: Throw some avocados on your breakfast toast or make a mouthwatering mango salsa for your chips. Gutzy Squeeze Pouches, Roasted and Salted peanuts, Baby Peeled Carrots and more are also alongside some Garden Salad and Coleslaw looking tasty as ever! Don't hesitate to picking up these quotidian groceries - you'll save money while dishing out nutrition-rich dishes.

Stock up on the freshest produce around these days! Glory Collards and Kale, not to mention Kumato Tomatoes and Mini Sweet Peppers, were just about jumping off the shelf. There's also a plentiful selection of limes, Hydroponic Butter Lettuce, Harvest Snap Peas, lemons and Bolthouse Veggies. I was even able to spot Medley Tomatoes that I've had difficulty finding in other stores. And look no further for those Yellow Onions – they've got those too! Not to mention spinach and mini cucumbers– they never seem to run out here. Oops, did I forget to mention the White Potatoes? They all ring up to only $2 each. So if you've been feeling ambitious in the kitchen lately– load up on your greens for soups or salads next week; if stews are more your style, grab all the potatoes your cart (and wallet!) can hold!

Feeling pumped to elevate your grocery game and save some cash? Acme's loyalty program has got you covered! With their triple reward points on all participating produce items, it'll be easier than ever to fill that cart and reap the benefits.