Albertsons Weekly Ad Aug 12 - 18, 2020

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Grilling is still one of the top activities in summer as it's starting to end in the middle of August. Sunset is beautiful when you have your favorite food getting grilled on your nice grills. If you like to hear that sizzle sound during sunsets, you may like the deals by Albertsons Ad, too. See the cover page that shows the deals on sweet corn, seedless grapes, beef cross rib roast, and more products are available on the cover page. Albertsons walks the walk when it comes to being from the south. Traditional tastes of snacks and drinks are all in. If you are looking for some deals on chips, coke, and multiple-buy deals, I think that is the place you should see.

Albertsons Grocery, Dairy, and Deli Sale

You will find some products for tailgate parties in this chapter of the Albertsons weekly ad Aug 12 - 18. They have more snacks at lower prices, new multiple-buy deals, and sauces, too. Buy Coca-Cola soft drinks will cost 3 for $10. Get 10x rewards on some products like these:

Find more products and deals on this ad. Back to school sale is also one of the things you would probably like to see. If you need daily needs for school, check out pg 5 where you can find a portfolio, notebook, Elmer's glue sticks, post-it notes, etc. Receive more deals like these subscribing to the newsletter. We'll keep these updated.

Check out Albertsons Dollar Days on the next page. Simple things will cost $1 each. Mix & match sale is also essential for you to see. Don't forget this Crazy 8s; Gatorade, Oreo cookies, Triscuits, DiGiorno pizza, Eggo waffles, etc. Everything seems to be reasonable and they have more deals compared to the previous week.

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