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CVS Halloween Candy Sale and Scary Costumes

CVS Weekly Ad with special deals of top quality products ready for Halloween. Today i will review delicious CVS halloween candy sale and scary costume offers for you. When it comes to halloween, candies, trick or treat, scary costumes, pumpkins and scary makeup comes to mind. You can purchase any item you need for halloween from CVS. Let’s take a look at great CVS halloween candy sale first.

cvs halloween candy sale

All these pack of chocolates are on sale! Wow you’ll have a lot of candies and chocolates! 🙂

Some offers are buy 1 get 1 free don’t miss the chance.


cvs halloween candy sale 2

Here are scary costumes and more fun from CVS halloween packs. 20% off on costumes, halloween makeup, fall decor or fall candies, halloween accessories, pumpkin carving and decorating, halloween mad lab or novelty party candy.

Also take a look at these great offers.

The most fancy house will be yours with CVS halloween candy sale.

Albertsons Ad Fall Festival Savings

With the coming of fall, house parties has started. In spite of meeting outside, inviting friends home is a better idea as it’s cold outside. How about watching your favourite team’s game or dancing with your friends by grabbing couple of drinks? Albertsons ad fall festival is just for you. You will find several ranges of beer, wine, vodka, soda and more in Albertsons ad this week. Here are this week’s great offers on drinks.

albertsons ad fall festival

You can prepare great cocktails with these drinks also. Since you have Bacardi, it’s a good idea to make mojito for your friends. The other ingredients are, lime, mineral water, brown sugar, fresh mint and ice.

Albertsons Ad Fall Festival Mojito Recipe

First squeeze fresh mint with brown sugar.
Add some Bacardi in it and keep squeezing by a wood spoon.
Smash the ice into small pieces and put it in a big glass.
Put mint, sugar and Bacardi mixture into the glass.
Put some lime into the glass.
Add a little bit sparkling water or non aromatic soda.
Add some more Bacardi.

Your mojito is ready. Enjoy your game days with your friends by Albertsons ad fall festival savings!

Target Ad What A Baby Wants Sale For Babies

You all remember that beautiful commercial from last year right? Wow it was a real cool commercial that make you know Target cares about your baby. This week Target ad what a baby wants motto is on air again. I will show you clool products of baby section on Target with great savings and special offers. You can find everything that your baby needs at Target stores. Here are some of them. To review more products please keep watching us and visit the closest Target store.

target ad what a baby wants


These are the products shown in Target ad what a baby wants section and i want to review a few of them for you. This Delta Haven 4-in-1 crib $199 is just fantastic. It was $250 last week and here it is on sale! I bought it from Target last month and it’s a real cool product. The wood that it’s made from is very strong and also it has a section that prevents your baby fall off the crib. You can buy and enjoy it.
Secondly, i loved Boppy Bare Naked pillow with slipcover 20% OFF. I use this pillow when i go on a trip by plane. It really keeps my neck comfy. I definitely recommend it.

For more products please explore the whole Target ad what a baby wants section.
Have fun!

Walmart Ad Halloween Makeup and Cosmetic Offers

Hi everyone!
Halloween is coming!!! Did you get your costume? I bet most of you has already got the costume and now it’s time to decide about the makeup. Also don’t forget to buy your halloween candies and pumpkin.
If you haven’t decided about your halloween makeup yet, please take a look at Walmart ad halloween makeup ideas and cosmetic offers of the week. There is a huge discount on many cosmetic products for you. You can buy your makeup and cosmetics for low prices before halloween. It’s a good chance!
Let’s take a look at some of Walmart ad halloween makeup savings and special offers.

walmart ad halloween makeup

As you see, this week Covergirl, Maybelline and Revlon brands are on big discount. You can’t find these prices anywhere else so hurry up before halloween comes. Also you can use all these cosmetics after halloween on your daily makeup.

Don’t forget to buy your pumpkin and tea lights from your grocery store and create your scariest pumpkin for halloween. You will have the most enjoyable halloween night with Walmart ad halloween makeup products and cosmetics.


Apple Black Friday 2014 Sale

We have less than 2 months for black friday. Every brand is preparing for huge discounts, special offers and once a year promotions. So Apple is also going to offer special prices last Friday of November. Let’s check out apple recent products and new coming watch product properties before Apple black friday 2014 sale.


Latest iPhone is iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. You can get iPhone 6 from $199 and iPhone 6 plus from $299. These two are coming with new iOS 8 and there are new features. Check that out from apple website.

Also iphone 5s and iPhone 5c is still available at apple store.

iphone 5s 16 gb from $99, 32 gb from $149

iphone 5c is for free with mobile operator contracts.


You can get

  • iPad air from $499
  • ipad retina display from $399
  • ipad mini retina display from $399
  • ipad mini from $299

There will be special offers on Apple black friday 2014 sale.

Also you can buy mac, macbook, macbook air, iPod and accessories for all these devices from apple store.

apple black friday 2014 sale

apple watch:

apple watch is coming early 2015 so we still a little bit time to get this fantastic device.

There are 3 types of apple watch.

  • apple watch
  • apple watch sports
  • apple watch edition

My favourite is obviously apple watch sports as i work out every day. You can follow your heart beat, calories you burn, your daily training programme and also download your iPhone apps to your device.

Follow us for more news for Apple black friday 2014 sale