Target RedCard – Debit Card

The exclusive products and an extra 5% discount on everything of Target might be an interesting deal when you are a regular customer. There are two types of Target Red Card; Credit Card and Debit Card. Both will give you an additional 5% off Target products. Contact Target here if you already have the card and ask a question.

Apply for Target Red Card Here:Target RedCard

Use either of these cards to receive a free shipping service. Also, get 30-day extended returns in-store and online. There are certain official rules for discounts. Learn them on You should know that some exclusions do exist for the discount and extended return.

First of all, you should know that one of them is a CC and it’s just like other Credit Cards which you use to make purchases and pay later on. Target debit card is connected to your account and it’s like a check. And that seems like the difference between these two cards. In order to have the card, you should have a U.S. bank account. There are no annual fees for these cards. 

Target RED Card is comparatively serving as one of the best store-based credit cards because of their supportive customer services. People also know about exclusive offers and additional discounts. Even though you don’t like to use store cards, you might want to try this when you become a regular shopper at Target or The cards are only valid at Target stores. You can’t use them anywhere else. However, Starbucks shops of the Target locations will offer you a 5% discount.

Target Red Card Deals, Exclusives, Services

– Use your Target debit card (REDCard Debit Card) for 5% off everything including in-store Starbucks. That’s an immediate saving. Exceptions are:
Prescriptions, Target optical, Target gift cards, restaurants in Target, credit account payments, shipt membership fee, alcohol products in Indiana, deposits of carriers and gift wraps. See details on

– Get extended 30-day returns. Some products like electronics, mobile purchases are excluded. Also, pre-determined orders are the exclusions. For most items, you’ll have 120 days.

Free Shipping! Use your Target REDcard to get free shipping for your purchases at Target or Standard shipping in 50 states. Shipt may have a delivery fee.

Free 2-day shipping. Receive 2-day shipping for most items. Check the product details and it’ll show you if the item is eligible for this shipping.

10% off coupon in your email on the anniversary of your account. Get the coupon to save and note that each year your anniversary deal may change.

Early access to some products and promotions. This can be an event, a product or a deal. Learn about your early access items on

Exclusive products and subscriptions are also a benefit of Target REDCard. For example, currently you REDCard holders can buy Red Chrome Darth Vader or save on (Jun 2019). Use Target wallet and mobile app to access these offers more conveniently.

Cartwheel items will be 5-50% off and you get extra 5% off with Target Red Card.

Save 5% off Target Subscriptions. Normally, you get 5% off with a subscription. If you have the card that’ll be 10% off. Maybe more depending on the subscription deal. In fact, you basically add 5% off every deal such as specialty gift cards, top deals, clearance, and more.

Apply for REDcard for these Benefits

Other than deals, there are some tips and benefits of owning a Target REDcard. It’s usually recommended to use a store credit card like this one to increase your credit scores which are easier to qualify than bank cards.

– As I previously mentioned, you get free two-day shipping and extended returns.

– Target REDCard – debit card or credit card – doesn’t have an annual fee. I want you to know that the Credit Card has a fee if you make late payments.

– You can increase your credit scores using store credit cards like Red Card. However, a debit card will have no effect on your score.

Target Mobile app is convenience. See your purchases and create a wallet for transactions.

– Use PIN for security. If you need to, reset your PIN on online.

Important About Target Credit Card

Although both of them are Target REDCards there are certain differences between the two. Using Target credit card is like having a regular card which gives you money in advance for you to pay later. Notice that late payments will result in paying interest. The debit card will simply withdraw money from your account. They set the limit according to your credit score but usually, it doesn’t have a high limit.
To me, the most important thing is to pay on time because otherwise, you will harm your savings which is the reason to own a Red Card right?

Some negative sides of Target Card exist, too. For example, you can’t use it outside of Target. Some items are exclusions of 5% discount and the same applies to the extended returns.

About Target Red Card Fees; there are no annual fees but only late payment fees for the credit card.

Apply For Target Red Card

Tap or click here to apply for REDCard

You must qualify to apply for Target Red Card but there are so simple qualifications.

– Be 18 or over.
– Provide birth date, social security, phone, and general personal information.
– Provide information about income.

For credit card, you must also give your account number and routing number.

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