Subscribe to Amazon Grocery for $9.99

All the big news websites including have this news. Nobody will ever go to the store for grocery shopping, anymore because Amazon is in business. Now, you can subscribe to Amazon Fresh for unlimited deliveries for free! Prime Members and EBT customers can benefit from this service. It is simple; get unlimited grocery delivery for only $9.99 per month. Subscribe on

Subscribe to Amazon Grocery for $9.99

Amazon Grocery Subscription Price

The minimum cost for the grocery order will be $35. Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market and the local retailers are eligible stores to shop online. Over 3500 cities and towns can use this service across the country.

If you order just one delivery in a month, the cost of this membership will come for free. It will cancel itself. But here are the costs:

  • $4.99 for EBT members
  • $9.99 for Amazon Prime members
  • Free 30-Day Trial is available

What is Included?

Different types of delivery services are offered by Amazon as you might already know. One-hour delivery and 30-minute pickup orders are among them. And they will come free with this subscription.

Subscribe to Amazon Grocery for $9.99 - 2

Also, you can shop at local grocery and speciality stores like Cardenas Markets, Save Mart, Bartell Drugs, Rite Aid, and more.

Amazon can offer over 100,000 grocery items. And all these will be at your service.

Pilot Groups Have Reported Satisfaction

According to, 85% of the pilot groups have reported extreme satisfaction about the new subscription service. If you are already using the grocery delivery by Amazon Fresh, and already satisfied with it, you will only enhance the experience by setting the fee at a fixed price per month.

I am sure many of you will like this one as grocery shopping is getting more and more online nowadays. Although I still like to go to grocery stores to make friends and pick my own stuff, today’s busy world requires more cyber solutions to save time.


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