Avon Magix Prime Face Perfector

Today’s topic is about Avon Magix Prime Face Perfector from Avon Campaign 24 2019. If you need a new primer, you should look at this product! You can check this product on page 64 of Avon Brochure 24 2019. Moreover, there is a good deal on this page. When you buy 1 selected products, you will get 1 HALF PRICE! Thus, you can save up to $8!

– It is a line and pore corrector that fills fine lines and pores and prepares skin perfectly for make-up.

– Moisturizes skin as it contains hyaluronic acid.

– Avon Magix Prime Face Perfector, enriched with fleece flower and rose has a non-greasy formula that takes the shine and nourishes the skin without drying it.

– The product smoothes the skin, creating a smooth surface and makes the concealer and / or foundation applied on it look flawless.

– All percent available, including eye area.

– After applying this Perfector under the eye, apply Avon Creamy Concealer. This dual eye makes your surroundings look perfect and bright.

– Apply plenty of Avon Magix Prime Face Perfector to the mimic lines and apply a ton of light foundation or concealer on your skin. You do not need to apply this together with the concealer and foundation. It is enough to apply either foundation or concealer. Thanks to this trick, your facial expressions will be minimized and you will look younger and tense. We also recommend that you use a foundation as Avon Glow Drop. Since it is a light-reflective foundation, it will support your fresh look. Check all of them from Avon Catalog 24 2019!

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