Big Lots Weekly Ad Mar 11 - 17, 2023

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This week, Big Lots has got it goin' on with their Everyday Essentials Event! Stock up your pantry and save big, because you can snatch up hundreds of everyday essentials at 20% off, or even more! With tempting deals all across the store – from cleaning supplies and snacks to paper towels galore – now's the time to seize the day at Big Lots! Here are some of my top choices that won't overwhelm your budget too much:

Big Lots Everyday Essentials Event Mar 11 - 17, 2023

This Hygienic Bowl Brush & Caddy By Casabella will have your bathroom looking spick and span. With a unique design that reaches the tough corners and nooks, you'll enjoy efficient cleaning minus the mess. Its accompanying caddy cleverly takes care of hidden storage so it's not an eyesore while in use. Thanks to its quick drying back end and anti-bacterial technology, this bowl brush helps keep hygiene levels up! Plus, no more wet hands when you're done with scrubbing--its flexible brush head and splash guard conquer grime without wetting the rest. Get yourself a trustworthy cleaning partner today!

If you want a bomb granola that screams "wilderness snack," then Erin Baker's Fruit & Nut Homestyle Granola is the way to go! It packs in loads of walnuts, almonds, plump cranberries and raisins and even has toasted coconut for an added flavor boost. And with 6g of plant-based protein per serving –really!– it's your perfect ally for any active lifestyle. Swirl up some luscious creamy goodness by doling it over yogurt or oatmeal or a simple snack directly out of the bag! This is the coolest part, it's just five bucks for a big 20 oz container So why wait? Snag one now and treat yourself to something special!

It's Easter time and that means we gotta bounce to Ghirardelli for their bomb Milk Chocolate Caramel Bunnies! Get five point eight ounces worth of mouthwatering chocolatey goodness for just five ninety-nine. Future Easter memories will be made when you pick up these bunnies for your baskets, as sure as eggs in a basket. Spread the hop-py cheer among family and friends with Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Bunnies this Easter!

If you wanna save some dough on the stuff you gotta use all the dang time, then scope out Big Lots' Everyday Essentials shindig! They've got the goods you need at a sweet price.