Bilo Weekly Ad Nov 18 - 26, 2020

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The new Bi-Lo supermarket circular is ready for reading. Check the current BI-LO Weekly Ad valid November 18 to 26, 2020 and be aware of updates on the prices, BOGO deals, multiple-buy discounts, dinner ideas, digital coupon savings, recipes and more sale items.

Buy Honeysuckle Grade A Frozen Turkey, 10 lbs. & up for your next turkey dinner! With Bi-Lo's wide selection of white and red meat products, you'll never want another protein. If you still haven't gotten your Thanksgiving turkey, this is your lucky week! As an organic turkey, Honeysuckle frozen turkey contains no growth-promoting antibiotics and has no added hormones or steroids. You can purchase it now for just 59ยข weighing 10 lbs and upper.

Smithfield spiral ham is high-quality pork for a mealtime option you and your family can trust. This smoked sliced ham is fully cooked, so you can heat it quickly, cutting down on prep time and mess. Smithfield Half Spiral Sliced Ham is priced at $1.79 per pound.

Aside from the side dishes, the pies are the best part of Thanksgiving dinner. Try a pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato or apple pie to make Thanksgiving dinner extra sweet this year. You can also find cakes and cookies to finish the feast right.

Thanksgiving isn't complete without the delicious sweet potatoes. Buy sweet potatoes and use them to make a casserole or something.

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