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CVS Weekly Ad Apr 11 2016

CVS Weekly Ad Apr 11 2016 is available in this post. Check out CVS Ad Pharmacy deals through 16 Apr and get more savings.

CVS Weekly Ad Apr 11 2016

In the cover page highlighted products are cosmetics and allergy medicines. Cleaning supplies like chemical cleaners and household needs can also be found in this ad. With the ad offers you can always find cheaper prices. If you like to see pharmacy deals you can also find Walgreens Ad which may be useful in pharmacy. They can compete with weekly ads like CVS.

BEAUTY products and cosmetics like elf foundation, skin care creams and anti-aging creams for the new season preperation on sale can be browsed on pg 2. To keep your beauty secret take a look at the CVS ad and find a lot of half prices of high quality products.

CVS ad can be good for many reasons in customer's side. The main thing about the ad is collecting a large number of useful products into one single lookbook for easier browsing and searching. Check out Dental care items like glide floss, fixodent, Listerine moutwash and more products are on sale on pg 5. Baby products can also be found there. Shop for the Sensodyne toothpaste for $3 extrabucks reward this week. This 1-week sale will be on top of my options for pharmacy.

Solution for the ALLERGY with many options of allergy relief medicines are featured on pg 6. 50% off items in this sale is a great saving. The half price products are CVS's original products of health allergy relief. Rhinocort allergy is another deal on the same section and its price is $18.99 ! This was one of the most used and most wanted medicine in the CVS pharmacy. Tablets, pills and other forms of pharmacy products can all be easily found on the ad.

CVS HEALTH range on pg 7 are attractive sale. With the half prices you can save more. Probiotic supplement, digestive probiotic, MiraLax, omeprazole, fiber and daily medical support for the best prices can be purchased via this ad.

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