CVS Weekly Ad Aug 23 - 29, 2020

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School products, refreshing beverage deals, household supplies, BOGO Free deals, snacks, and more items. Shop CVS weekly ad for Extrabucks Rewards this week. Receive $10 Extrabucks when you spend $40. They got the back to school sale on the first page. Nature Made, Crayolas, L'Oreal, Tide, Crest, and more products are featured brands there but you can find even more deals. To save on supplements and wellness products, the latter page of the ad will help you. They have some new deals on ZzzQuil, Nature's Bounty, Irish Spring body wash, and more items there. Aside from all of these, you can also take a look at what you can save on via coupons through the ad.

CVS Wellness Products and School Snacks

I can't find anything more bullshit than school snacks for a title. But for whatever the reason, supermarkets keep promoting snacks for school. Will kids eat snacks for lunch? Seriously? If you are okay with that, check out the deals on pg 3. Oreo cookies may be better than Pringles chips, but at the end of the day, these are delicious but unhealthy stuff for kids. Let them consume healthier things instead of this garbage. However, hope is not lost. There are healthy snacks, too. Diamond almonds would not make lunch food but they are healthier than potato chips probably. Check out some CVS Ad deals that are important:

CVS grocery sale, more snacks, makeup items, Extrabucks rewards, and more are in the ad. Subscribe to receive similar deals and content in the future.

Cosmetic and Beauty Products of CVS Weekly Ad Aug 23 - 29, 2020

Get a 7-piece beauty bag visiting ExtraCare coupon Center and spending $30 on cosmetics shown on the ad. The deals are effective on specified dates, however, you can browse all of them right now. Find makeup products, cosmetics, and top brands. Beauty bags of CVS are pretty popular and some basics of makeup and beauty are in the bag. Mascara, skin care creams, eyeliners, facial care products, and more items are in the ad.

Personal Care Products

Feminine care and regular personal care items such as toothbrush and shampoo are available here. With coupons and Extrabucks, I think it's easy to save on these items, too. Browse the new prices, deals, and coupons on pg 7. Head & Shoulders or Pantene products are BOGO40% off.

CVS Back to School Sale

CVS offers basics of the school including backpacks, pencils, Crayola, and more on pg 10-11. In most weekly ads, you can find these items. The unique thing about CVS is the Extrabucks rewards. Spend $40 and Get $10 Extrabucks. Some products are BOGOs.

Pharmacy products and health care offers are at the end of this ad. You have many more coupons, rewards, and options to save. Subscribe to the newsletter with your email for free, get these deals in your inbox.

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