CVS Weekly Ad Jul 12 - 18, 2020

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Earn Extrabucks with your purchases on CVS weekly ad Jul 12 - 18. When you spend $30 on the products that appear on the first page, you can get a $10 Extrabucks Rewards next week. Dove body wash, polish or St. Ives body wash is one of the deals that can be viewed on that first page. Next week's CVS Ad sale also offers some beauty savings. Go to the second page for makeup products. Cosmetics of brands like L'Oreal, Maybelline, CoverGirl, Revlon are some items of that category. Buy snacks to save more at CVS. Reese's, Dunkin' Donuts, Hershey's thins, Nabisco cookies, and more items appear to be some of the highlighted items.

CVS Summer Sale

Buy some essentials of summer in the new CVS Ad. Seasonal items like umbrella, flip-flops, charcoal for your grilling parties, coolers to keep your beverage ice-like cold. Some popular beverage products are also on sale at this store next week. Buy Arizona tea 1 gallon at 2/$6. Pepsi, 7UP, Starbucks Frappucino, Fiji water, and more products.


Summer products:

You can receive $10 Extrabucks with your purchases in snack sale. Shop Pringles, Pistachios, Planters, Skinny Pop, Hershey's dipped pretzels, Krave Jerky are some products of that category.

CVS Personal Care Sale Next Week

CVS Ad next week deals on personal care items might also be interesting for everyone who regularly shops at this store. Popular brands like Pantene, Cetaphil, Olay, and their effective products are going to be on sale. View all items of this category on CVS Weekly Ad Jul 12 - 18. Some items of the CVS personal care aisle:

Oral care products like toothpaste, deodorants, Gillette products, and more items are also viewable in this category.

CVS Pharmacy Sale 7/12 - 7/18 - BOGO Vitamins

Browse CVS Flyer for the top deals on pharmacy products including regular medicines, allergy relievers, and wellness products. Nutritional supplements are also available in the new ad. Starting from the very first page, you can see some BOGOs on vitamin pills. BOGO deals on CVS health vitamins, protein powders, Nature Made, and digestive health care products are being promoted on the first page.

Allergy and Pain Medications

Spot some deals on allergy or pain relievers in the CVS pharmacy ad sale. Go to pg 11 for the details of the prices and BOGO deals of these products. Already popular brands like Zyrtec, Aleve, and more are viewable in this section. I am not the person to give you health advice, but I can tell you about the new deals by CVS weekly ad. And they are there.

Digestive Care

Laxatives and nutritional supplements are dietary products of the CVS pharmacy ad. Check out the prices of the products of that category under the pharmacy section on pg 12. They have a very wide range of these deals. BOGOs are again on these products, too. CVS laxative deals and more:

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