Dollar General Ad Nov 22 - 28, 2020

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4-day sale of Dollar General has already begun. It will be valid until 11/25 which is one day before Thanksgiving. BOGO free deals on snacks, digital coupons, and more stuff are in the new Dollar General Ad Nov 22 - 28. Go to pg 6 for the holiday candies. With DG Digital coupons and in-ad deals, you can save on your favorite products. Brach's, Queen Anne, Hershey's, Ferrero Rocher, Ritz, and more brands of snacks and candies are available at the DG Christmas sale this week. The ad is not only a grocery or candy sale. It contains classic Christmas decoration products. 6 ft. pre-lit tree starts at $30. You can also find shorter trees. No need to spend hundreds on these products. Have a look at some of them:

Dollar General Ad Nov 22 - 28, 2020

Dollar General Ad Nov 22 - 28 Holiday Gifts, 4-Day Sale

Holiday gifts are also on the same page. The first section of the Dollar General Weekly Ad Nov 22 - 28 has also various holiday gifts including the electronic entertainment category. That includes products like Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and more. Note that some of them are only a 4-day deal that will be valid until 11/25.

Dollar General Ad Nov 22 - 28 Holiday Treats

You will feel like you are in Harry Potter movies when you see the holiday snacks, candies, and more products on pg 6. Many of them are BOGO Free deals. Subscribe to our newsletter to see more like these in your inbox.