Dollar General Ad Sep 13 - 19, 2020

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Dollar General shows a way to save on regular products including food and non-food categories. Boosting your savings with DG Digital coupons can be wise this week. Shop Gain, Downy, Dawn, Xtra, and Tide products and save with the coupons. These are appearing on the first page of the new ad. They got an offer of $5 saving for your $25 purchase that is valid only on 9/19. Dollar General offers 3-day only sale. BOGO free deals on apparel, shoes, accessories, and more. They will be valid on 9/17 - 9/19. Dollar General Weekly Ad Halloween Deals like candies and snacks for a treat of trick can be seen on pg 4. Check out these Dollar General sales:

Halloween and Grocery Deals

It's a bit early to shop for Halloween but these deals are in stores or on the Dollar General Ad Sep 13 - 19 anyway. If you want to see them, visit pg 4 of the latest ad. You can buy Brach's® Autumn Mix, Candy Corn, Pumpkins or Milk Maid Caramels 7-11 oz., Dum •Dums® Bag 11 oz. or Meltser® Peanut Butter Kisses 10 oz. for only $2.

Switch to Save sale is also one of the things you might want to see this week. Dollar General makes a comparison of prices of the same products of different brands vs. Clover Valley. And Clover Valley is always cheaper. Clover Valley quick oats 18 oz. will cost $1.65 and quick oats of Quaker will cost $2.75. The same amount of food at a cheaper price. More deals from Dollar General Ad Sep 13 - 19 are available right now.