El Super Ad

The Mexican supermarket chain has the name of El Super in Arizona, California, and Nevada. El Super Ad is bilingual with Spanish and English on all of the products promoted. One of the simplest ads, very easy to use, and a great range of products every week. Find fresh fruits, vegetables, packs of beverage, favorite brands of snacks, breakfast foods, and pantry. All the weekly needs can be found in El Super Stores and El Super weekly Ad can help you save.

Departments of El Super are general grocery, meat, fresh produce, deli, frozen foods, dairy food, and more. This brand has 58 stores and they aim to use ethnic marketing system with a clever price range and honest advertising. This brand is very old with 92 years of history in retailing in Mexico and the United States.


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El Super Ad Pepsi 12 pk 12oz 3 for $9.99

El Super Ad Pepsi 12 pk 12oz 3 for $9.99Buy Pepsi and more soda packs of 12 pk. (12 oz cans) for only 3 for $9.99 at El Super markets this week. El Super Ad shows the new prices of general grocery items on the first page. You can buy large eggs, chips, granulated sugar, fresh cheese, and save with 2-day specials. Don't forget to see other deals as you go through the new ad.  Subscribe to El Super weekly ad to track the deals.



El Super Ad Meat Sale Oct 16 - 22, 2019

Find one of the best supermarket deals in the south. El Super weekly ad has this week's special prices and new products. The meat dept. has some special deals, too. Browse the entire product range of the El Super Ad and save on everything. Chicken, meat, snacks, beverage, and more products. Pineapple, fresh boneless skinless whole chicken breast, white shrimp, fresh boneless beef shoulder clod steaks, and more are all on sale. El Super grocery products are available on pg 2. Mexican cuisine supermarket food items are also things to find in stores. The meat sale with the biggest deals are viewable on pg 3.

El Super Weekly Ad Jul 3 - 9, 2019 Deals

This week you can buy green limes, peaches, chicken breast, Roma tomatoes, and many more products for cheape prices at El Super. Use this weekly ad content to see all deals. A lot of snacks like Sprite, Coke, Yoplait, Philadelphia, Jubilee, McColl's, Gatorade, Sonora, and more are also promoted products. Buy your favorite soft drinks with El Super Weekly Ad prices. Some coupons can also help you save more this week. Fresh meat, seafood, and other products of the general grocery can be your options to shop in this week's ad. You can follow the social media accounts of ours to track similar discounts to El Super Ad.

El Super Weekly Ad Deals Apr 3 - 9, 2019

Fresh products, meat, fruits, tomatoes, 2 day specials, and more products are available in the El Super Weekly Ad. The deals are effective on Apr 3 - 9. Buy Kellogg's frosted flakes, Wesson oil at lower prices this week. The cost of the cereal will be only 2/$5! Fresh cheese of Cacique is gonna be $2.49! Restock your needs of breakfast at El Super markets. Huevos large eggs will be 2/$5! You have also BOGOs on this ad. Buy Knorr products to get Arroz Jans Jasmine free! As the summer months are approaching, they bring the hotter climate through beautiful days with fantastic sunsets. In the afternoon it's also cool but we get thirsty when the sun is up. Get the instant quench of your favorite soda packs. Monster Energy drink is one of the most popular ones. Buy Gatorade for $.99 and Monster for 2 for $4!

These are just examples of the whole El Super Weekly Ad range. You can find many more grocery items at this supermarket.