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The Mexican supermarket chain has the name of El Super in Arizona, California, and Nevada. El Super Ad is bilingual with Spanish and English on all of the products promoted. One of the simplest ads, very easy to use, and a great range of products every week. Find fresh fruits, vegetables, packs of beverage, favorite brands of snacks, breakfast foods, and pantry. All the weekly needs can be found in El Super Stores and El Super weekly Ad can help you save.

Departments of El Super are general grocery, meat, fresh produce, deli, frozen foods, dairy food, and more. This brand has 58 stores and they aim to use ethnic marketing system with a clever price range and honest advertising. This brand is very old with 92 years of history in retailing in Mexico and the United States.


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El Super Ad Feb 24 - Mar 2, 2021

El Super Ad Feb 24 - Mar 2, 2021

El Super Hispanic grocery store has just published a handbill valid February 24 to March 2, 2021. Grocery savings, multiple-buy savings, the new 2-day specials, and Wednesday and Thursday produce specials are in the spotlight again at El Super supermarket. Learn about the new prices of vegetables and fruits. You can view the current produce prices and sales in the flyer. El Super offers all kinds of produce, meats, fish, deli, bakery, grocery and kitchen items. If you love to shop from El Super then here we have Collection of the El Super Weekly Ads. You can look at the old handbills on this site.

Like last week, this week you will be able to buy 2 pounds of Maradol Papaya for $1. Maradol papayas, also known as Red Maradol, are a Mexican variety botanically classified as Carica papaya. They are wonderfully soft and juicy, and have a salmon pink or red flesh that is very sweet with a slightly perfumed, fruity flavor. Cut them in half lengthwise, scoop out the small, shiny, gelatinous black seeds from the center and discard them. Delicious and irresistible with a sprinkle of fresh lemon or lime juice. All you need is a spoon to enjoy these t... Read More...

El Super Ad Feb 17 - 23, 2021

El Super Ad Feb 17 - 23, 2021

Browse the current El Super Weekly Ad, valid February 17 to 23, 2021. El-Super, the Latino-American supermarket chain, offers all kinds of produce, meats, fish, deli, bakery, grocery cooking ingredients, and more. Check out the weekly flyer to learn about new prices of the products at your local store each and every week. Take a look at the time-limited deals. Check out the retailer's 3-day specials valid February 17 to 19, 2-day specials valid Saturday and Sunday, and Wednesday and Thursday produce specials.

As last week, you will be able to buy 3 kilos of red or white onions for $1 this week. There are very few dishes made without onions. It adds flavor to many raw or cooked dishes. White onions have a thinner skin and flesh as compared to the red ones that are meatier and therefore, an apt choice as a thickening agent in sauces, gravies, stocks and soups. Some dishes require red one, while others require white one. Red onions as well as the white ones are widely used in cooking and are eaten raw as well.

Explore the other time-limited deals to put as much into your savings as possible. Red or White Onion, 3 lbs 99¢ Rom... Read More...

El Super Ad Feb 10 - 16, 2021

El Super Ad Feb 10 - 16, 2021

El Super Weekly Ad valid February 10 to 16, 2021, is now available. Start building your shopping list by navigating through all the pages. They have Mexican products that you aren't going to find anywhere else for really amazing prices. El Super’s center store aisles feature thousands of the most culturally diverse products that are favorites to those who love Latin American cuisine. Be it a traditional breakfast cereal or a particular spice that enhances an old family recipe, chances are you’ll find it on the store's shelves at prices that fit your pocketbook. You can get the staples of Mexican produce from the store like tortillas, Roma tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro, white onions, tomatillos.

3 pounds of white onions will cost $1. White onions are sharper and more pungent than yellow onions. That scares some people but it works great for most Mexican dishes, so don't be afraid of them! With a taste that's more tangy than sweet or sour, this is the onion of choice when making Latin and Central American dishes, especially Mexican food. You can find more options in the handbill.

Cucumber, 5 por 99¢ Roma Tomato, 2 lbs 99¢ Large Mango... Read More...

El Super Ad Labor Day Sep 2 - 8, 2020

Labor Day savings for the grocery products may be interesting on the latest El Super Weekly Ad. El Super Ad Labor Day Sep 2 - 8, 2020The deals on watermelon, bananas, corn, papaya, tomatoes, grapes, and more appear on the first page. El Super Ad has a 3-day Labor Day sale featuring products from the fresh produce. You can buy cleaned the whole tilapia for only $.99. El Super Ad Labor Day products:

Browse many more deals of El Super and subscribe to the newsletter in order to receive similar deals in the future. This week's best deals are the fresh products.

El Super Ad Sale Jun 10 - 16, 2020

El Super Ad Sale Jun 10 - 16, 2020Shop the new product range of fresh groceries on the first page of the latest El Super weekly ad. The digital flyers can show you 2-day specials, too. A weekend sale is a good deal at this supermarket. If you want to buy some watermelon, mango, bananas, apple, and more products at cheaper prices, you can find that weekend sale very interesting. Also, this ad offers deli products, meat sales, fish, 2-day specials, and similar sort of nice savings.

El Super Memorial Day Sale May 20 - 26, 2020

El Super Weekly Ad shows the deals and price range for the essential products of the week. El Super Memorial Day Sale May 20 26 2020El Super Memorial Day Sale covers fresh fruit sales, shrimp, cheese, and more products. This weekly ad is bilingual. You can read it in English and Spanish. 3-day specials are also the offers of some products that be ingredients of your meals. Again, see the prices of shrimps, beef flap meat, cooled ham, corn, and more products.