El Super Ad Nov 18 - 24, 2020

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You can read the new handbill published by El Super market here. View the latest El Super Weekly Ad valid November 18 to 24, 2020, and know about updated prices, multiple-buy discounts, grocery deals & promotions and more sale items. Shop for the everyday kitchen items you need in order to make the perfect meals your family will enjoy including Fresh Meats, Salsa, Tamales, Fresh Guacamole, Tortillas, Domestic and Imported Cheese, Farm Fresh Produce, Baking Essentials, Bakery & Deli Specialties, Seafood, Candy, Chocolates, Dairy, Frozen Foods, Coffee, Body & Beauty Products, General Merchandise.

Like every other week, this week's advertising circular is featuring deals on a series of products including avocado, fresh pork leg, fresh boneless chicken breast, FUD products, white shrimp, pineapple and more. Pumpkin and apple pies are thanksgiving standards. Thanksgiving pie is arguably most people's favorite part of the meal: if it's Thanksgiving, there must be pie. You can buy each one for just $2.99. Don't limit yourself to pies when there are also cakes, custards, flour snacks, sweetbreads found in the bakery section of the store's flyer. Onions add texture and flavor to foods. The flyer is featuring three pounds of onions for a dollar. Everybody breathes, everybody sleeps and everybody likes a good snack. Tortilla Chips each of which is priced at $1.97 are great if you want to have a nice snack of salsa.

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Small Hass Avocado, 4 for 99¢
Fresh Pork Leg Whole or Half, 67¢/lb
Red or White Onion, 3 lbs for 99¢
Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, 1.49/lb
Gold Pineapple, 2 lbs for 99¢
Fresh Boneless Beef Cold Steaks or Roast, 2.99/lb
Pumpkin or Apple Pies, 2.99/ea
FUD Products, 3.29/lb
26-30 Ct. White Shrimp Headless, $4.99/lb
Swai Fillet, $2.29/lb
Coca Cola 12 Pk., 12 Oz. Cans, 3 for $9.97
Maseca Corn Flour, $1.99 ea
Zulka Raw Brown Sugar and Jan Jasmine Rice, 2 for $4
Tortilla Chips, $1.97 ea
Guerrero Corn Tortillas, $2.47 ea
Bimbo White or Wheat Bread, $1.97 ea