Fred Meyer Black Friday Ad Nov 8 - 14, 2023

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Come on, let's dive into this Fred Meyer Black Friday madness together, because they've made such discounts that your eyes will sparkle. You know how they say, I cant believe my eyes, exactly that. At first, I saw a pressure cooker, tiny, just right for making a meal for two at home. Its dropped to $12.99, I swear its a price that wont burn your hand. You know, when you say, "Im out of money, I'm down to my last penny," youd tell them, "Take this pot, it will warm you up in the harsh winter."

Then I saw, as sturdy as a knight's armor, a 12-piece dinnerware set, theres no end to the discount. With a 60% discount, the kind that you wont be afraid of breaking the plates. Youd set a table fit for kings every dinner.

And I saw a 24" Roku Smart HDTV, what is this price, brother, $89.99! It's unbelievable. You put it in the living room, everyone in the neighborhood would want to watch the football match at your place. "What elegance, what comfort!" they would practically shout.

Don't stop here, check out these Sanrio Squishmallows. For the price of eight dollars, you can make your kids or your inner child smile without putting too much strain on your wallet.