Fry’s Ad Easter Food Mar 23 – Mar 29 2016

Fry’s Ad Easter Food Mar 23 features regular products sale like fresh groceries, organics, natural food, deli, bakery, and meat.

Fry's Ad Easter Mar 23 2016

As usual you see the new deals of Fry’s Ad food fresh groceries and highlighted deals on the cover page. Brilliant ideas from Easter candy sale of Fry’s food has been featured alongside with the weekly shopping items. Visit pg 4 for the full view of products of Easter candies. Your favorite brands are unmissable there. Check out pg 1 the cover of this ad for Gold Pineapple, Easter Lily for $0.97 and $6.99 ! Strawberries has been priced at $1.27 for this ad. You can also find soda packs like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, 7UP for $8.88 for 4. Snacks for party like potato chips, ice cream and more are also featured discounts on the Fry’s Weekly Ad.

FRY’S Weekly Ad has focused on the fresh groceries like avocados, asparagus, mini sweet peppers on pg 2. Also see a larger view of the discounts below of the page. Floral and organics have been included by this sale. Organic strawberries $2.99, organic celery 2 for $3, Simple Truth organic mushrooms $2.99, broccoli for $1.49 are the deals from ad.

DELI&BAKERY like carrot cake, Hawaiian dinner rolls, lemon meringue and more are available on pg 2. These are on sale and you can buy them for the discount prices. NATURAL food selection by Fry’s Food Ad covers snacking nuts, greek yogurt, almondmilk, Army’s bowls, red mill, whipped topping and popchips, apple juice ON PG 2.

SEAFOOD features fish fillets, breaded shrimp, lobster tail, fish fillets, cocktail shrimp with 33% off and more ON PG 3. PERSONAL CARE items and various sales like sliex griddle, handi-foil foilware, hot wheels selection and more products can be found on sale.

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